Friday, June 06, 2014


As of today, the new market in Jarnac is open. Credit where credit is due, the demolition of the old, and construction of the new structure were on time.  Since today is the market's first day, it was very busy. the busiest I have ever seen it. 

Most vendors were upbeat and glad to be out of the temporary space, down below the Mitterand museum.
There is a second Fromagerie that's new, another Boulanger from Foussignac, lots of vegetable and fruit vendors, two fish mongers and set outside the market is a new vendor with Rotisserie chicken and other fine fresh food.
The Asian food truck who normally only shows up on Sunday, was there too today. Not sure if she just came for the grand opening, or will come here more frequently now. I've seen her rotate to other markets in the area.

The vendor where I buy my Olive Oil, had a lunch counter built, his plan is to offer small plates of cold cuts, Oysters and such. Not a bad idea, even though I would have preferred a market restaurant such as in Angouleme.
The coffee vendor has a cool new Espresso machine and a few tables to hang out at, so that's not bad a t all for the new market.
It's open daily, except Monday. i am sure the store owners in the pedestrian zone are glad to have the market back, foot traffic was down for the year they say.

Here is what the local paper said on Saturday....,1899354.php


melinda said...

it seems a pretty big market for a town that I assumed was on the small size

melinda said...
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H.Peter said...

I think the floor plate measures 5000 sqft from what I recall.

Including two discount stores, we have 4 supermarkets for a population of around 5000.
Add 10 miles of surrounding hamlets, you might get up to 10K potential customers for that fresh food market.