Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I walk by this building almost every day since we are here in France. It's an old vinegar factory, right next to Francois Mitterand's birth place and museum.
Eventually I'll visit his house, but for now it's all about the font. It's a really nice, classic french typeset.  I've been looking online if I can find the name, but did not get anywhere. So if any of you are graphically informed, please let me know.


Emm said...

Nice typeface. I played with some fonts, in 18-point, but when I tried to copy and paste, BlogSpot made them all the same.

It looks rather like Book Antiqua.

H.Peter said...

Thanks Emmmm,

did you see the update on the painting competition

Emm said...

Yes, thanks. Glad she won -- I like that she seemed able to do what the Impressionists did, see what isn't actually there.

H.Peter said...

huh. Very interesting. I have to think about that.