Wednesday, May 14, 2014


No matter what you do in life or where you reside, eventually all that does become a routine and tunnel vision sets in with a side of longing for change. Many of us feel that way I think. Change is good, important even, if you are driven by it. A Nomad's life. Equally, routines can be great too, especially if you really have nothing worthy to complain about. The grass is not always greener on the other side, it just tastes different. I remind myself of that not often enough.

So when I do find a reminder of my routines, but as seen by others, I start to realize how good all is, compared to how it could be. Or how deep my tunnel vision has become way too often. 
Last year when we had big plans for City Gites (Pfffft, how plans change), a great Blogger asked if she could do a contest with our Gite as a price? A natural fit I say. Go ahead.
So Shirley who writes this Blog went  and posted the contest about a gluten free stay with us and the winner, India Darling came by her friend to stay with us past January. Today on Shirley's Blog I found India's review of her stay with us and how she saw the area and Angouleme as well.  You can read India's impressions here and what I find the most fascinating part is not that the food is good ( I eat it every day), but how she saw Angouleme and Jarnac completely different than me. Same places, different eyes. Pretty cool.

And a while back, when I checked into what drives that sparse traffic to my Blog (GOOGLE rules) I saw some website about interior design, maybe the least likely industry to expect traffic from? But when I checked out that website, it's written by a Phoenix based multi talent who has a series on her Blog, called Let Me In, where she takes her spin on places and she must have found my own Blog post about the house and it's a pretty cool thing to read how a complete stranger sees what Victoria did to the house here in Jarnac.

Confirmation, validation of efforts? Maybe. A wake up call that all is good the way it is? Most definitely. Check out the links I highlighted, I just learnt how to do that!



melinda said...

that was a wonderful "review" of your house & hospitality...I enjoyed reading it & seeing more pics of your town

Emm said...

Laughed out loud at your first picture. I have a news photo, done years ago by a friend, of a cow grazing outside the fence, same kind of situation.

Off to read the reviews of Chez Jarnac.

H.Peter said...

Thank you Melinda.

H.Peter said...

Cows are funny, Emmmm

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I think India did a fabulous job and I thank you once again for sponsoring such a fantastic giveaway on gfe! What a treat for anyone to experience the gluten-free hospitality at City Gite! I appreciate your many kind words, too.

And what fun on the insight on the decorating of your home. That blogger is totally right on how wonderfully all the elements in your home come together! :-)

So are highlighted links supposed to work better? They're definitely more eye catching. ;-)


H.Peter said...

Re.: Highlighted links, Shirley......what do I know about Blogging. Google called and asked if I want to to join their "Hopeless Blogger" support group.
But I love the color, even if I am the only one.....