Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It does not take much to make me a satisfied diner. Sausages are pretty much on top of my happy food list. Looking back on this Blog (six years???), I mentioned my favorite kind of sausage a few times already, so I added some links on top of a few images. In case you have not read those posts....

Rooted in north African cuisine, the french made this lamb based sausage one of their own I think. When in bigger cities, you'll find many street vendors offering a Merguez sandwich. But even here in Jarnac, it's readily available and I had some great varieties in Las Vegas and Calgary. So pretty much it's become a global sausage. The quality does vary and today's came from a butcher who uses natural sheep casing. And they are porc free. Naturally. 

Today's lunch of Merguez came with roasted red peppers  and some spicy mustard. 
As I said, simple stuff makes me happy.




Nadege said...

I love good, real sausages but recently, I have been very sensitive to salt. I don't know if it is because food is more and more salty now a days.

H.Peter said...

How does that salt sensitivity manifest itself? I am supposed to cut back due to high blood pressure.

This guy's place sounded good, but he closed and has yet to reopen:

Nadege said...

Downtown LA has a lot of great restaurants. It will be interesting to visit your compatriot's place.
I have never cared for salty food and I have the feeling that some people just salt more now because there are all those gourmet salts around or they think it makes food taste better. Although I love sweets, unfortunately in the US, they put sugar (including glucose) in "everything" ; the pastries taste cheap and too sweet to my taste. And I got so tired of those stupid cupcakes. How I miss good french or austrian pastries. Interestingly, japanese chefs have been making really good pastries. If your french is strong enough, the blog "Mais quest-ce qu'on mange ce soir?" is really interesting. The woman visits some great food expos. She doesn't posts too often but when she does, it takes a long time to read and view her posts.

The InTolerant Chef ™ said...

My family loves sausages but I'm not so keen, they all seem too fatty or salty to me. I'm very interested in making my own and have been sourcing some great sense and other necessities.