Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Since it's not my favorite topic to talk about, I make it short. Small dental emergency on a weekend, nearest available dentist in the middle of nowhere, ca. 18 km away. Since there was no pain we delayed the appointment until during the week when I made my way to the village of Saint Fort sur le Ne. 

A quick look at the tooth in question and the doc started working away. With the right amount of compassion and efficiency, she had me in and out of her office inside of 30 minutes. When she saw me hesitate,  a sarcastic "You are not ze first", made it OK for me to sit in that chair. I am impressed. NO PAIN! Issue solved.
So if you are a local, or visiting the Cognac region, I can recommend a dentist! That is valuable information, trust me. By appointment only, no email or website.

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