Saturday, May 24, 2014


Not really. Just a catchier title for Googlebot's daily visit indexing the Blog.....if you want a recipe for really tasty and gluten free British style Fish & Chips, click here.
This post just shows a series of fotos for fresh fish & french fries. (Full of F's.....) Which, WOW! WHO KNEW, is naturally gluten free. I just used some GFP flour to dredge the fish in, so they won't stick completely to the pan. 

While I am pretty much detached from the whole  "must eat gluten free" issue as a non Celiac (as some of you keep reminding me), I still like to stay informed of all things gluten free since there are 66% Celiacs in our house.  So I keep reading topical Blogs.
There are Blogs that just post recipes of naturally gluten free food that you can eat without having to attend the Culinary Institute of America and study Nutrition 101 or food safety for disease and allergy reactionists.  

 Time to cook at home.

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