Saturday, March 01, 2014



My apologies to Vegetarians and Veganists. Stop reading. There are gardening Blogs....

Above picture says it all. I found my fix for tender bovine meat.  Baby cows. 
 I went to Auchan yesterday and in the meat section they had all sorts of misleading beef specials, such as "TOP CHEF" selection, Limousin meat straight from farmer Francois, Charolais cuts, etc etc.
And then, the next cooler over, I saw the light. Pink instead of blood red. A whole cooler of veal cuts. Baby cow. Why did we not eat much veal before? I have to look into that question.

I bought a Cote de Veau, or what I would sort of classify as a veal chop off the bone. I am telling you, that's it. No more beef, just veal when I have a craving.
It's an easy prep, some butter, fry it up medium heat until nice and brown, flip it over, some salt. My personal add on, a few shavings of nutmeg. You should try that, it makes the flavors pop.


Nadege said...

I don't know how they raise calves in France but in the US, the big deal was about abuse.
I haven't had any in the US but we used to eat it when I was a little girl. It was delicious!

H.Peter said...

There is a validity to every argument.
And then there is a counter theory to every theory.

Ken Broadhurst said...

I love veal too but it's often too expensive for me. I especially like and can afford cuts for blanquette or dishes like sauté de veau aux olives — specifically, the boneless shoulder roasts that I untie and cut up for stew.

In the U.S., people get really worked up about eating veal and rabbits. Nobody talks about lambs. Or chickens that are just a few weeks old. I don't know why. What happens to all the male calves of dairy cattle? They get ground up for pet food. It would be better to make them into food for humans.

I don't know how cattle are raised in Germany or Austria, but I still like French grass-fed beef. You have to have it rare, as steaks, or braised, as in stews like bourguignon. When I lived in Paris more than 30 years ago, I really liked bifteck haché, but I've gotten out of the habit of buying that now — probably because the ground beef in my native America is so contaminated. Here in France, it seems expensive too, for what it is. I like to grind my own, so I know what's in it.

melinda said...

the meat in france has a much better taste than here in the US....tho I have switched to the cheaper & relatively unknown (to most) cuts here, like flatiron...the trick is to sear quickly & not overcook

H.Peter said...

Bon Jour Ken,

your kitchen looks cool. Love the flooring.

I like me the odd controversy, and agree with the animal issues you brought up.
It`s all vanilla now. No more boldness with anything. Not just animal rights and such.

I am not completely off beef, actually in the last three weeks I made Gulasch twice. A Hungarian Bourguignon.....

Veal is expensive, i am starting to wait for the specials....Monday it seems is a good day for discounts.

H.Peter said...
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H.Peter said...

Hi Melinda,

for sure does it taste different here than over there. So does wine from Napa.
From my earlier days when I traveled a lot, I am going to say the best beef I personally ate was in Calgary, followed by Austria (only because we know the farmer), then Argentina and Brazil (maybe because the BBQ was so amazing.

France is a brilliant place for so many things, I am OK with their beef being not on my list.