Monday, March 10, 2014


I am not sure how long this has been going on, but last month for the first time I have seen a car meet happening here in Jarnac. Every second Sunday of the month. i think it's new. I walked every Sunday morning with the dog and never saw any classic cars until last month.

Anyway. Good for Jarnac. The two Cafes along the Place du Chateau were open and doing brisk business. The weather of course helped, we hit 20 degrees around 3pm today. Decidedly chillier in the morning though.
The car mix was eclectic to be honest, a few very recent American muscle cars made it on display very much like a very Old Citroen from the early days of Automobiling. The crowd seemed eager to mingle and talk shop. I did not see any "For Sale" signs, not a big deal, but I see meetings like that as an opportunity more so than a hobby. But then, I don't even own a classic car. What do I know.

Enjoy the pictures





Emm said...

"Vehicules Anciens" sounds so much older somehow than "old cars."

I saw a tiny Mini Cooper the other day with the vanity plate "IAMBIG." Made me smile.

H.Peter said...

That car, the Mini, was the offical Team car for the Austrian skier in the 1980's. Looking at that car at the meet, how small were the skiers back then?

Emm said...

Maybe they didn't actually ride in the cars, just got towed along behind them.

And I'm pretty sure that's a Traction Avant in the second and fourth pictures.

Jack Gambs said...

The cars look awesome! I have to admit, I'm partial towards Mini's because they're cute, although the others look good too. Great pictures, by the way. I hope the weather's much more conducive for business this month.

Jack @ Antique Limos

H.Peter said...

This past Sunday was equally busy and the weather is just getting better and better now!

mike rowger said...

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