Thursday, November 14, 2013


Virtually overnight throughout town inside the windows of most small businesses, these flyers appeared. 
My french is not good enough to fully understanding what the petition is all about, so I took a few pictures and with the generous help of Google Translate it became clear that the flyer is about the tax burden on small business here in France. 

The different  Chambers of Commerce (this is France,  one Chamber is not enough for all the  fonctionnaires....) banded together in an attempt to save small businesses across the countries from over taxation and regulation. 
A well worth effort, since these micro enterprises do make up a small town's life in France. 
Sarkozy, the previous big boss of France initiated a business scheme called Auto Entrepreneur, basically a one man business show, to create a less regulated and less taxed pro business idea.

When the socialists came to power, one of the first things they did was to cap income and time limits on that popular scheme. Shit storm followed.  Rightfully so, maybe, maybe not. Apparently that new scheme took a lot of business away from established small businesses (with their own Chambers and civil servants to support?).

 If you are passionate about your business and willing to work at it, no matter what it is and where it's located, you will succeed.
If you open a shoe store and your inventory is from the 1980's,  no petition will save your butt.

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puppyfur said...

The AE has been good for most people I've spoken to who run their businesses under its umbrella. I don't actually believe that anyone running an AE was undercutting the bigger guys, but the majority of protests about unfair competition have come from the big builders, as I understand it. In response, why could the current government not just look at where the problems are and regulate accordingly, rather than scrapping the whole initiative? I have been planning an AE since it came into being, several years before we got here, as we knew we were coming. I have followed the complaints and demands since Hollande came in, predicting before we even left Ireland that this would be the route they would attempt to take. It has been less of a surprise than a disappointment, but we'll see how it all pans out!

H.Peter said...

Interesting take on it.
Then those builders' reps must be good at lobbying all the small stores around France. Since there this petition is most visible.