Thursday, August 08, 2013


A sandwich, a big slice of Gugelhupf, a nectarine (Victoria makes me eat fruit) and iced tea.  Most of it home made (bread, mayo, cake, iced tea) and all gluten free, a lot of the stuff bought at the local market. I almost did not write this post and am even contemplating to stop blogging about food and bore you with homeless kitten stories from now on.

It was not a good week in reading other people's food Blogs so far. One Blogger giving up sugar (at least there is a partial personal point to that post), a bipolar gluten (avoiding) dude ranting about Twinkies wanting to go gluten free, then today the food babe knocking Trader Joe's for not doing enough about GMO labeling in their store. And to make it all more personal, Victoria is telling me there are too many Nitrates in my cold cuts.
Vhat? Are we in a majorly challenging moon phase, or am I missing something.  Food is good. It makes us happy. Even if not everything is always 100% perfect and good for us. Most of the times it's just fine to eat. I venture to bet that more business is getting done over a good meal than at the golf course.

I grew up roman catholic and that organization made me feel guilty enough by the time I was 13 to last me a life time. I do not want to feel guilty when I eat. If consumed in moderation, what is so bad about our food intake? Any of it. Please tell me. 

My father left us at 84 and up to his early 80's was healthy despite having grown up with poor nutrition and once he could afford to eat the finer things in life (butter in his case), he ate it with much gusto. Never refused to eat anything. Never read a label in his life . Went to the farm for milk until the very end. Raw milk, which is against the law to be sold in North America. Though it's all natural???
Victoria who was diagnosed with Celiacs disease at 27, never had a bigger weight fluctuation in her life than 6lbs. That's less than a head of cabbage. As long as it's gluten free,  not too full of E numbers and Nitrates, Victoria will eat with me.  (She does read her labels though and stays away from most mass produced things. ) Victoria eats much less of a serving than me of course, but short of roasted bone marrow she will try anything that's home cooked and she is aware of all ingredients being safe for her. She has such will power, I should borrow some.
My mother went to a symposium about healthy eating recently and when she was told that milk causes osteoporosis (it was a Vegan event) she pointed out that her bones are fine at her advanced age despite having drunk a lot of milk all her life. She was shot down with the "good genes" argument...... 

Food Nazis need to go away.  For every pro there is a con. For every thesis there is an anti thesis. Here is my summary. Short of a medical condition (Celiacs, Diabetes, shot kidneys), eat it if you want it. Keep moderation on your mind and don't listen to anyone telling you otherwise. 
Well, I don't want to argue with your doctor, but you get the idea. Food is good.








melinda said...

and we have given up even taking vitamins since it is better just to get the nutrients from food

Nadege said...

I'll eat anything! Meat, vegan, vegetarian, eggs, dairy (raw or pasteurized)... I love it all. I love to eat and I love good food from any country. Just to had insult to injury about your nitrates, and I am sure Victoria is not concerned since she eats wholesome food, additives like carrageenan is very bad for celiacs as it causes leaky gut syndrome. Many people are sensitive to it but don't know it. It is in everything. The european union banned it from infant formula (that is what I read anyway).

Sheila said...

I try to eat as healthfully as I
can....fortunately, love vegetables. Those peppers look
delectable, as does the bread.

Sounds as though one of the best
foods for your health is the
pumpkin seed oil you posted about.
Can't find it in the stores here,
but it's available from Amazon.
Reviewers say it must be from
Styria, though.

Wish we did have raw milk products
here. Sources for cheese available
on the web, but the shipping costs
are out of sight.

H.Peter said...

Hi Sheila,

do you have a German Deli close by? They usuallycarry some oil.

H.Peter said...

Bon Jour Nadege,

I believe in trying most things once. If I like it, then again.
There are limits even for me.

H.Peter said...

Hi Melinda, I agree with you.
But just so you know, there are some foodies out there that will tell you that the soil your veggies come from has no nutrients left.....

This is why I get so upset that with everything we try to do, someone will tell us it is wrong.

puppyfur said...

I am happy to see your food rant. Those of us who eat a pretty balanced diet are sick of hearing the conflicting scientific "studies". Every week something that used to be bad for you is now good for you and vice's exhausting, and unnecessary. Eat plenty of veg and fruit and protein, with an occasional 'treat' (whatever one considers that to be) and keep your weight reasonable and you'll be fine. Food is pleasure as well as sustenance, and we cannot be afraid to eat.

H.Peter said...

I could not agree more.
Wrong motivations, when it comes to life.