Thursday, May 30, 2013




You need to click on the above graph to see all the companies that link back to the ten big ones who feed us. One way or another. Snacks or frozen meals, from Restaurants to TV Dinners.  Milka. My favorite Austrian chocolate is owned by KRAFT. When did that happen? me being able to buy it evrywhere,not just in Austria, should have been a giveaway... They are everywhere in our food supply chain. 
Even I,  the natural born cynic, was surprised. Still not shocked, but yes, an eye opener for sure. 

I have been following the ever increasing debate about GMO seeds and the one company everyone loves to hate, Monsanto. 
Monsanto is the most visible of all companies who look at food and it's supply to the consumer as an industry, but they hardly are alone. They may be at the root of it all, the GMO seed business, but looking at all the other large conglomerates above, they certainly have some skeletons in their closet, don't you think? Apparently DuPont is just as bad, but so far escaped all that bad PR wrath facing Monsanto.

Nobody said it's  an easy game for consumers.  I for one firmly believe that this is the ultimate bottoms up issue, meaning unless consumer patterns change, the big ten for sure won't change. Why would they. We keep buying it all. It's convenient. Am I always paying attention? Nope. But we should.

Which brings me to  GF PATISSERIE.
I do remember a conversation very early in the game, pre Farmers' Market in 2008. Victoria told me that if she goes into gluten free baking, she'd make sure all her ingredients will derive from non GMO products. 
While back then I certainly waved it off as "who cares", I also do recall her phoning all those people she intended to buy from, if they could furnish her with certificates and guarantees to their wares. 
Stubborn she can be.....

Back in 2008 the debate about GMO did exist, but nowhere near with the intensity of today. So when I asked Victoria the other day if the GFP flour mix is still made of those non GMO products (after all, her business did grow since Bearspaw), she gave me one of those looks only a husband can get.....

So there, consumers of gluten free baked goods. GF PATISSERIE'S flour mix is certified to that extend. It may even say so on future packaging.  In the end it is up to us consumers who to patronize. How to eat and what to eat. Start a garden. Value your  food. Buy from vendors you like and trust. They deserve your $$. 




Nadege said...

Yes, Monsanto, Dupont, Bayer and Syngenta are now very popular names (for the ones who care). I always post on Facebook about GMOs. I buy organic food, if not, local but organic is always # 1.
I thought you might be interested in this short article.

What is scary about GMO companies is what it does to farmers who don't grow GMO seeds. And I wonder about the implication to religious groups who for example eat tomatoes but GMO tomato seeds contain microscopic cells from a pig. Does it render them unfit to eat? My favorite documentary to watch about GMO seeds is

After watching it, you just wonder about those chemical companies.

Nadege said...

This article is from Cook's illustrated about gluten free bread.

(Is it better if I post articles on a Facebook private message?)

H.Peter said...

Interesting info on GF Bread.
I don't eat any of them, so won't judge too harshly.

In regards to GMO, I received another message in my inbox about it going on for years right under our nose without any reporting.
Let's see where it goes.

Merisi said...

Wished I were nearby, to be able to buy Victoria's bread!

I used to love Milka, not anymore. It has become another tasteless pretender. They have changed ingredients.

Abother victim are Mirabell Mozartkugeln. Mirabell has been bought by guess whom! I bought one Mozart ball the other day and it was so awful, I will not ever even try to taste one again.

Unknown said...

It's just brutal that consolidation process. I used to work on the Arlberg decades ago and will never forget driving into Bludenz, smelling the chocolate.