Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Every Tuesday and Friday, right outside the Belleville Metro station is a fresh foods market that is definitely something to visit. After you checked out the pretty neighborhood markets and the yuppified Rue Muffetard, take a trip down to Belleville and get into it.
In the end, 90% of all market vendors across Paris and beyond procure their products out in Rungis, the giant wholesale market I talked about here.
The difference is how they sell it and for what price.  At the Belleville  market you will run into the odd tourist, but the vendors cater more to the local crowd here, whereas at some of the more well known markets that we read about in guide books, you are bound to find nicer products besides daily needs of produce, meat and fish.  I love both styles, the laid back strolling around in Passy or St. Germain and the full on attack of all your senses at markets like Belleville.
The vendors here are very pro active in their efforts to get you to buy something. One of them saw us inspecting his 2 pineapple special (2.00 for both), he  ust threw out the plastic bag, "Help yourself, I am too busy today"
Victoria found a stall selling Vitamin Water, eight bottles for two bucks, when i took an image he asked if it's going into the Newspaper....yeah it worked, we bought a few bottles.  Never mind that the expiry date was last week....
At another stand we watched a very heated argument between a vendor and a would be (or not) client. The screaming was not in French.
Around the area you'll be able to find a divers array of ethnic stores, which just adds to your trip into this neighborhood.
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