Friday, March 16, 2012


When in mid February, and one month after we signed up to purchase a home a two week cold spell happened, I emailed the realtor to please turn on the heat in the house to avoid damages.

We would not take possession until March 15th anyway, yet it was a frigid two week long cold, let me tell. This area is not used to minus ten temps,nor equipped to handle it for it to last two weeks. I just wanted to be prudent.
The realtor however was on his annual skiing holiday and did not get my mail until it was too late.By the time he inspected the house, five radiators exploded, leaking some massive liquids all over those gorgeous hardwood floors.
Copper pipes burst, joints separated, and it was a miserable day when we went to see the damages for ourselves. 
So many questions, was there insurance in place? Who in the end has to cover the repairs, how long would repairs take, etc., etc. 

Our realtor is in a league of his own. Within a few days he had an emergency plumber come out to stop further damages, organised a quote and set up a meeting with the plumber who'd sort out the mess.
He contacted the owner, who initially tried to get out of it all together as the house was in Escrow, but the realtor made it very clear to him that the house is not in the same condition anymore as when we agreed to purchase it.

Two weeks later, two weeks to go before closing, all is well and the house will be put back together to it's original state. An exercise I would not want to go through again though.


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Whoa ... what a turn of events! I'm so sorry you went through that, but am grateful that it's going to be okay. Drink a bing glass of fine wine (or something stronger!) for me tonight and remember to breathe. Stressful to say the least!


H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

yes, it was a bit onthe tough side of things. But again, with the help of our realtor ieven this experience was turned around.

nutrendmedia said...

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Traci Romero said...

Household problems will always be a constant worry of a homeowner. Too bad it came at such an early stage for you. You should ask for your money back, if those repair problems were not taken care of immediately. Well, I hope everything worked out for the best. Take care!

Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing