Saturday, February 25, 2012


...and all I wanted was some Pommes Frites. We stopped on the way back, bought some potatos and I made some first thing. Hot oil on a gas stove in small pots, a bit of a nail biter....glad to report the shack did not catch on fire.

Spain was great, Barcelona is a fantastic place to explore, both cultural and food wise. I got my fill of Tapas and sandwiches,while we had no problems feeding the Celiacs in the family. From a small corner store that carried gluten free baguettes, to most of the restaurants, everybody knew about Celiacos.  On our way back to the Charente Maritime, we cut right across Spain to the Atlantic coast. While the country side was nothing to write home about, I have to tell you, San Sebastian was so nice, we stayed another night. A bit prouder, reserved people than on the other side, we managed OK and had another great food experience.
Spain is light years ahead of other countries in Europe, if you are worried about being fed gluten free. 

Now back here, time to sort a few things out for the summer. Weather is lovely, 17 Celsius when we pulled in this afternoon. 


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