Friday, November 18, 2011


Shabby Chic, minimalistic, austere, country basics, name it what you'd like, it was one of the more interesting homes we have seen so far. A holiday home for a British couple who decided to sell up. They did some renovations, but left more to do, cosmetics mostly. Nothing that would not cost an arm and a leg.

A 45m2 Gite (holiday rental) would generate some income, but all in all, I did not see too much of an upside to increase space for more revenue.
 Located about 30 minutes inland from Royan, a nice resort town on the Atlantic coast.

We will keep looking and hopefully by Christmas we found a home, that fills most of our needs and some of our wants. Pool for me and Isabella and space for a great kitchen for Victoria.


Ken Broadhurst said...

Are you saying that the renovations still needed would or would not cost an arm and a leg? The house is impressive but needs some TLC, I think. Do you want to say what the asking price is?

H.Peter said...

Yes, I used bad grammar, double negative would be a positive.
What I was trying to say is that to bring it up to a standard of our liking, it would NOT cost too much, as the heavy stuff has been taken care of.

Here are more details, including the price:

Nadege said...

The house is really pretty.
I spent some time reading the last few posts as I have been busy at work. (If I remember well, we used to drive to St Jean d-Angely to take the ferry to île d'Yeu). That region of France is very pretty too.

H.Peter said...

Bon Jour Nadege,

comment ca va en LA? Touts va bien?

So far for my french....

The house is indeed very nice, a few small improvements and it would be a home.
We still need to create some sort of revenues and in this house there was no space for more Gites.
Unfortunately. We really liked it.