Monday, November 21, 2011


OK. It's official now. Kneaded, a gluten free bake shop and Espresso bar will open very soon (early 2012) in Regina, Sask.
Sarah Clemens, a Celiac herself, saw not only GF PATISSERIE'S quality baked  goods in demand in Calgary, but much more so the need to offer that same quality in Saskatchewan. After all it is a long trip, even if one loaded up a trunk full of baked goods (as some Celiacs did from Regina and Saskatoon). Others, the smart ones, just called their relatives before they made any trip from west to East, after all, half of Calgary's population hails from Saskatchewan. 

Now, with Victoria's help, there will be a local, gluten free bake shop opening soon. What I like the most personally, is that Sarah is adding an Espresso Bar I tried to talk Victoria into for two years.
Yes, not only do you get your load of gluten free cakes and breads and buns and Pizza Crusts, you can just stop in for a gluten free treat & coffee, which gives you that instant gratification you deserve. Oh boy, if it would not be for the weather, I would accompany Victoria on her trip to that city, but someone has to hold the Farm here. 

Website is up, address, phone, etc will follow soon here and on Facebook. Stay tuned.

                                                                       WITH ESPRESSO BAR!!


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