Friday, May 06, 2011


My favorite way to eat fresh Strawberries is by dipping them into sour cream and brown sugar. Then I thought how that would taste as a smoothie.
Because that Blender that Victoria bought is very powerfull, I added some Basil into the mix.

Let me tell you, it is one of the best smoothies I have had. Try it.


Mike Eberhart said...

I can honestly say: I never would have thought to add basil to the smoothie. Interesting indeed! I add whey protein in my gluten-free smoothies (just blogged about that) for making the smoothies a bit thicker/smoother, and also I have used Chia Seed, but again, no thoughts of basil. I have some growing in a pot on the porch, so I may just try that. I have used mint, which is related. Thanks for the unique twist -- my wife will find the basil addition intriguing too, and I'd bet she'll try this out soon.

I like your mango/coconut-rice posting too... love those Adolfo mangoes! Best flavor/texture of any (my opinion). They do not get as internally-fibrous as the larger variety mangoes, and they are so sweet too. yum! (and, in season now from the falling-prices I am seeing in the stores)

C. said...

I LOVE the thought of basil... very interesting indeed. I use chia seeds as well, and most times add a few handfuls of spinach to get more nutrients in my smoothies. Can't taste it one bit!

Peter, where did Victoria buy her Vita-Mix? I am finally past the 'thinking about it' stage and now want to purchase. (aka convincing Marc that I 'need' it, LOL). I don't think Costco has it here anymore, did you find it elsewhere in the city?

H.Peter said...

Hey Christa,

I am stumped, can't find any place other than Compleat Cook in Willow Park.
maybe call Vita Mix for a Mail Order?

Costco has the special twice/year.