Wednesday, April 06, 2011


It's been 12 years since I first started wooing Victoria with my starchy Central European cooking. Not sure if you can relate when I say that a small world collapsed for me when she told me I had to make it all gluten free. I mean, heck, how do you make Gulasch without gluten, or how do you prepare a good Schnitzel without bread crumbs? Never mind my daily breakfast of a honey bun from Guenther's Bakery.

Since then, gluten free cooking has come a long way. In every way. Look around and you can't get down an aisle at Superstore without finding something great that's now available gluten free. Our home kitchen is 99% gluten free. I still sneak in the odd baguette when I feel like it, but usually eat it all quickly, so no cross contamination for Victoria and Isabella.

The other day I made an Austrian classic, Fleischlaberl, which is basically a Hamburger with extra stuff in it. Some images:

Two  of the things we put into our Burgers is bread cubes (GF PATISSERIE Sandwich bread) and eggs. Makes them fluffier. Also, we add glazed onions (Subbed with celery here), garlic, spices, mustard and finely chopped parsley.

It's just another thing that now is easy to make gluten free. And everybody likes it.

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gfe--gluten free easily said...

Sort of like a meat loaf burger! ;-) I like it! :-)