Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A while ago, for the very first time probably because of my single minded blogging about GF stuff, I received an inquiry from a company if I would like to try and review their cookies. Newly formulated, GF and even better than before. Is the Pope catholic? If it has sugar, I eat it.

So we are clear, right? This is an official review paid for with three boxes of gluten free cookies.

"Made with natural ingredients, unrefined sweeteners, no trans fats and nothing artificial, they're a real hit among kids (and sugar addicts like me)" was a statement in the email.

Enjoy Life - Eat Freely is an Illinois based company that makes a wide variety of fine foods that are not only gluten free, but also free of the 8 most common allergens. Good thing. You can check all details on their website: http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/index.php

Back to the cookies. I received No Oats Oatmeal cookies, Snickerdoodles and double chocolate brownies. At work. Not at home. Always a great place to test gluten free food. Normal people, not Celiacs. A good way to see how good GF foods are. If regular folks eat something (unknowingly) GF and don't comment, you know it's good.
I put some on a plate as I  usually do when testing one of Victoria's new creations and left the cookies at the front desk where all staff usually comes by ever 10 minutes or so to check something or slack off.
Not really a surprise, all gone in 20 seconds.

Gotta love human guinea pigs. Casual inquiries about taste, consistency or anything remarkable was met by shrugs at first (believe me, it's a good sign at that office), and after revealing about them being GF, an even more positive reaction. Can't taste a difference. Just softer they said. And they had plenty of good and bad GF products that I schlepped to the office.

Brought the rest home because we all know, kids and drunks always tell the truth. I can't get Victoria liquored up no matter how hard I try, so Isabella had to tell the truth about these cookies.
To my big surprise that girl was already familiar with the Enjoy Life brand.
It turns out that whenever there is something to celebrate at school (way too often), a very nice parent brings these cookies for the handful of Celiacs so they too can partake in whatever celebration is going on.

Isabella didn't quite understand how I, the one who can and will eat anything, gets free gluten free cookies. HA! Just maybe she will start a Blog now.

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Chandra said...

This company also makes delicious granola that is also free of the most common allergens. It is also DELICIOUS!