Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Jennifer Crosby has been busy writing up more Celiac related information. The Edmonton Journal has printed three of her articles, one about gluten free Beer and Meade becoming widely available in Alberta.
We use Red Bridge in our house for anything batter related, i.e. Fish & Chips. Now some liquor stores carry 8 different GF beers. How lucky are you?
I would think that Celiacs, with a little bit of concerted efforts (emails, letters to the Editor) very well could and should end up with a regular column in Taste Alberta. Even the Vancouver Sun picked up Jennifer's article.

The third write up is a compilation of gluten free Blogs and other resources for Celiacs. Gluten free is indeed going mainstream. By the way, GF PATISSERIE is still in Cochrane, not in Canmore.....

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