Thursday, January 13, 2011


Maybe one of my favorite websites to visit. Anything food related. From restaurant impressions to recipes, to which appliances and tools work best.
Sometimes a bit restrictive, patrolled by some goose stepping "board admins" who delete posts seemingly at will if it does not fit their likings. But then, maybe that's a good thing, because those foodies can be raucous at times. Rightout nasty, actually. Highly opinionated too! Virtuall food fights on some topics. Which all in all, makes it a highly entertaining site.

What baffles me is that contrary to more focused gluten free sites, how under represented Celiac issues are on this website. Or maybe this just shows the 1% of Celiacs? Yet you are so vocal everywhere else?

I started this thread in July 2008 in all that time it got 19 replies... heck, some mainstream posts get this many replies in 15 minutes....We already spend too much time on facebook, take a few and share your good or bad gluten free experiences on the different boards. No matter where you live or have been. It's time.

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