Sunday, December 26, 2010


Boxing day. Time honored tradition of after Christmas shopping. Major bargain hunting and all the crowds that come with that.
But you know, there are stores that are virtually empty....COSTCO comes to mind. On Boxing day, this place looks deserted to any other regular business day.
T&T, our Asian supermarket would be another example of a store less frequented on Boxing day.

That's where we went today, if for nothing else than to cruise the aisles to find cool, gluten free ingredients and foods.
Victoria discovered these Vietnamese Chicken Rolls, made right here in Alberta. Gluten Free, No MSG, no food coloring, no sugar, 1,5kg for 12.00. BARGAIN. There are about 45 rolls in that bag.

When you open the bag the first thing you see is flour coating, but it's rice flour. You can prepare these snacks two ways, pan fried until golden brown, or just like me, deep fry the heck out of them straight from the freezer.
.After all, it's still Christmas season and all deep fried food tastes better anyway....Nutrionists can talk to me in January again.

Serve the Spring Rolls with a couple of sauces, for example a spicy Chili sauce and a Plum Sauce. I made a dozen of them, which is about 4 restaurant appetizers. They were gone in a minute or less. Hot, fat and tasty!

Happy Boxing Day!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


About a month ago, Five Guys Burgers and Fries finally opened up here in Calgary. A successful chain in the US, sort of trying to rival In-N-Out Burger for cult status.
Lots of chatter on the Interweb, even their Prez is a fan.

I went of course on opening day, by myself, to check it out. Located in Deerfood Meadows, not too far from Ikea. The Burger was great, a regular comes with two beef patties, with loads of free toppings to choose from. 100% Peanut oil for their fries, so if you are allergic to peanuts, don't go.  I did not like the fries as much then, however yesterday's order of fries was outstanding.

I had a chance to speak with the assistant manager about their gluten free options and he assured me that their fries are fresh cut and gluten free. How about the bun?
They are not allowed to take your bun into the cooking area (it's an American, over protective, litigation worried sissy corporation after all), however they do offer the "No Bun"
option which is better than a blank stare at other fast food places we go to.....

So yesterday finally, we all went together with a bunch of Victoria's gluten free Hamburger Buns and gave it a try. Lauren and myself had their regular Burgers "all the way" which includes all the toppings, while Victoria and Isabella had theirs on GF Buns with regular Mayo, ketchup and mushrooms.

What can I say? GF PATISSERIE'S Hamburger Buns held up very well , nothing fell apart or slid out (they are large patties) and both Celiacs in the family enjoyed their meal.
I only ordered one large order of fries for the four of us and let me tell you, it was plenty. On the way there, Lauren kept reading  the caloric table of their offerings and that order of fries came in at, ah never mind, it's OK. Just go, bring your own GF Bun, eat and enjoy!

If you are not a fan of crappy Kraft cheese, do not order a cheeseburger. The slice of yellow processed chemicals ruined the Burger during my first visit. Since they won't toast your bread, maybe pre toast it at home to get the full experience.
Other than that, I highly recommend this place for a great GF Burger experience