Thursday, October 14, 2010


So. You want to buy a small business. Or start one. You got it all planned out. Your questionaire is ready, 10 page business plan written, ready to roll. Rock the world.

But did you ask yourself, "Do I have passion?" Maybe the single most important factor (besides plenty of funding) is also the most overlooked. Why do you want to go into business? Is it a dream? Is it the independence you are looking for? Does the idea sound like easy money to be made? All great motivating factors, but from my own experience, good and bad, it's all about Passion.
I won't bore you with the bad experience(me), but I can tell you about the good ones.

Victoria and Lauren have since day one displayed a passion about their bakery that I wish I could bottle up and sell. I could live on a yacht by now. For real.
 People would pay big bucks for that.
Stories at the dinner table, how little kids made them all teary eyed with those huge smiles of happiness. Waking up the husband in the middle of the night with comments " I think I figured it out, I gotta bake it right now to see if I am right...."
What? It's one in the morning and you interrupted me having fun on my yacht...

Not just those two, many many other  small business people display that kind of passion. Just today I went to a specialty store that sells all sorts of spices and let me tell you, this guy just oozed it. Confident passion. About spices for crying ot loud.

Or Chef Deano @ Wilder Nest Cafe, who'd rather have you take home that sandwich he just made
 for you and frame it in your kitchen than watch you eat his creations. That's passion.
Look around you. Visit the places you love so much and ask yourself why. Is it because they show you their passion?

So. If you think you got it. Do it. Tell the boss today. He will be your first customer, because he knows you have passion.


ellorneo said...

Well said sir! It's also key to find out what your passions are and to work towards them. Being 26, I'm still working that out, but someday I will find it! Until then, I'll soak up all the little details here and there (such as this) until that moment comes.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Perfectly said...I agree your passion and you will be a happy soul!
Thank you; have a great day!