Sunday, October 24, 2010


Our house had a certain Stampede smell to it this evening. Not horse manure.....or drunken Cowboy puke.
Victoria used GF PATISSERIE'S gluten free waffle Mix and made Funnel cake. So the house smelled like the midway food alley, when you walk by one of those donut makers.

Really easy apparently, I never had one, never made one, but they tasted great. Sugar + fat, not much can go wrong. Use the instructionson the bag, but instead of putting the dough into the waffle maker, get a pastry bag or funnel (hence the name), let the dough run into the hot fat in the same way Picasso painted his best paintings, flip after a few seconds so both sides get evenly brown.

Dust with plenty of icing sugar, eat warm with a glass of milk. It's fantastic! And really easy.


ellorneo said...

that...doesn't....sound....healthy at all!

Elyse said...

Can you buy GF Patisseries baking mix such as the waffle mix?