Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1980's FOOD

Monte Cristo Sandwich. Sort of a French Toast with Ham & Cheese. Reminds me of my years on the cruise ships. Everybody ordered one in those days. Oh so sophisticated......

Hard to find these days. I had one for lunch today at Wilder Nest Cafe. It was an interpretation of a Monte Cristo with Chicken and Basil. Very good, but not available GF. Victoria was with me and I promised to make her an original, gluten free Monte Cristo for dinner.

Very simple to make, I used GF PATISSERIE'S  sandwich bread, soaked the bread in my egg and cream batter, filled it with swiss cheese and ham, pan fried in plenty of butter, served with Strawberry Jam and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Victoria: "No wonder this did not make it out of the 80's....."
It's not for everyone I guess. But easy enough to try for yourself.


LKP said...

i, for one, adore & don't understand WHY the monte cristo isn't more popular & readily available. perhaps you have to be a breakfastaholic like me to treasure this sandwich for the gem that it is. =) i've missed them a lot, actually. i'm going to have to give it the ol' GF 1-2 as well. for some reason i keep forgetting that if there's a will then there's a way when if comes to eating GF.

LKP said...
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LKP said...

If you ever are in eastern idaho, you must give the monte cristo from "the brownstone" of idaho falls a try. so yum. i still dream of theirs!
(sorry for making a mess of your comment section)

H.Peter said...

Hello tehre,

we drove by Idaho Falls a few time when we lived in vegas and came back to Canada for visits.
I'll stop the next time.

Personally I enjoyed it, Victoria did not.

Not that difficult to make it GF, if the bread is good and soaks up the all important batter.

Anonymous said...