Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ah. Dining in China. With a new supplier. Who does not know me. Or my limits when it comes to food.
Always an adventure. One for the team, they call it over here. Well, you can take one, I won't. I am the team. So, no thanks. No bugs or larvae, or stuff like it.
All else I ate. Even the fish head.

This dinner was in Qingdao, a city by the ocean, so emphasis was on seafood. FRESH seafood.
Enjoy the pictures.


karenk said...

OMG that last picture almost made me want to throw up.
I don't think i would make it in China!

Christy said...

ugh, not for me.
those pictures actually make gluten free food look tasty (even the bad stuff - gf patisserie's is ALWAYS tasty)

A Canadian Foodie said...

What were the potato looking things? Did you not label because you didn't know what somethings were? I am curious. This looks a lot safer than some of the photos I recall from your last trip... or one of your trips, anyway.
If it smells good, is made in a clean environment, I will try it. Most of these dishes look great to me.
(a couple do look like bugs and such??)

H.Peter said...

Hey Valerie,

those were Yams. Just baked Yums.

I did not label because I was too tired when I typed that post.

In general, it's safe to eat in China. Heavy metals excluded...but I have been sick once in all the years going there.

H.Peter said...

Hello Christy,

loads of food was much better than it looked. many GF items too