Saturday, April 10, 2010


Most people know that we do birthday and special occasion cakes at the bakery.  Two days notice and you get an awesome two-layer cake with your choice of filling and buttercream.  Always made fresh, theres no buttercream sitting in buckets at our store! Always Italian Merginue buttercream, the best flavourings, and in-store made fillings like fresh lemon curd, caramel, or Callebaut ganache.

Birthday cakes have always been that special additional item that exists because someone asked one day.  We were hesitant at first to put them on offer, but its made for a lot of happy customers.

Imagine our surprise when people started requesting cake toppers and cupcakes for weddings!  Over the last year we've done a lot of cupcakes, a few toppers that were buttercream only decorated with fresh flowers etc.  Just the other week we got to do our first fondant covered cake for Meaghan in Swift Current, SK.  It traveled five and half hours to get there, and from the picture it looks like it survived!

It would be fun to just do cakes, since with limited tools and time theres only so much that can be accomplished.  (And you only get better as you go..) Nonetheless its still nice to be able to make the gluten-free world a better place.  Kudos to all those brides who take it upon themselves to enjoy their day worry-free!

So the picture above is the lovely bride cutting into her cake with the groom, the picture taken by one of the attendees (I'm still waiting to see photographer pics!)  They actually got married in Las Vegas back in January, and chose to celebrate the reception Easter weekend with their friends and family. Congratulations!



gfe--gluten free easily said...

You guys are such a huge blessing to folks like these! Who would want a gluten cake if they were gluten free? And, it looks terrific, too!


H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

the cake looked very Vegas. That's what the bride wanted.
I think the reall winner were the GF cupcakes.