Saturday, April 24, 2010


I cannot be the only one.

GF PATISSERIE'S Tiramisu (they do not make it often enough) is so good, that I personally feel there is no difference between any regular one there and their Gluten Free version.
It may be that I am biased, it may be that the Mascarpone and Illy Espresso overpowers anything different in the cake, but really, I think it's just plain excellent.

To test if anyone else can taste a difference, I offered a bowl of Tiramisu to the hardworking people at Hall's Auction, just to make sure I have not lost my taste buds. They did not say much, they were too busy eating it.....the whole bowl. Not enough feedback here. The sugar did them in I think.

So I lined up one more true taste test.
BRUNO! He is coming over tonight for dinner. And he does not hold back with his opinion about Italian food. If it's no good, for sure he will let me know. Stay tuned.


Chris said...

Oh dear me. What a taste teste!!

Kelley said...

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please share your recipe for GF Tirimisu. Please!!!!!