Friday, March 19, 2010



The most established bakery in Las Vegas is Freed's. Featured on plenty of TV programs, including Rachael Ray, they have provided baked goods to Las Vegas for over 50 years and are maybe the real cake boss when it comes to wedding cakes. After all, Vegas is the wedding capital of the world.

When you enter their new location, though it is clearly a bakery, the first impression was that maybe there is a telethon going on. To the left side of the store is a set up of three tables with telephones ringing off the hook , staffed by wedding consultants. Constant. Non stop.
While I was eating my Napoleon slice, the phones kept ringing and ringing and ringing. I just could not believe it. The cakes on display were very Vegas.....besides the traditional ones, they made some really weird, yet very creative ones, cakes in the shape of a Louis Vuitton  bag, roulette tables, etc.

Needless to say, that made me curious. The manager was too busy to talk to me, I had to come back the next morning as her phone was lit up similar to a switchboard at city hall after a swine flu alert.

When I did finally speak to the manager the next day, my inquiry of course was all about GF.
Well, a short conversation it was. Very short. Nope, don't have GF. No, not even special order. Not on their radar. Cupcakes maybe, gluten free? No.
I can pay extra. Sorry, sir, we do not bake gluten free cupcakes.
Why not ? It's such a small market, they feel no need to revamp their production area to accommodate Celiacs.

Yes, I can see their point. 98% of all people can eat their cakes.  I asked for a referral to someone, anyone really in Vegas who bakes gluten free. Nobody the manager could think of. She was very friendly and understanding, since her grandson is on a gluten free diet and her family needs to accomodate his needs, which in Vegas apparently is not so easy. They bake at home, she told me.

So. The greater Las Vegas area has a large population, similar to that of Calgary. But not only that, there are 34 million visitors yearly. 4 hours drive get's you to Los Angeles......hmmmmm. GF PATISSERIE LAS VEGAS.   There is an idea. That could work.

Doc, are you reading this?


bakingbarb said...

Its sad that in such a large city she didn't even have a referral to someone else.
Even more sad considering she is aware of the need for gluten free.

H.Peter said...

Even though she is the manager, her hands are tied due to the owner's stance on GF.....she was nice.

Sd indeed that there is nothing in Vegas that's GF FRESH!

Chris said...

GF Las Vegas! Sounds like a fantastic plan

H.Peter said...

Hello Chris,

yes, it would be a great idea. let's see if we can pull it off.

Tanya Duke said...

You might want to give Post Cakes a call. They are located in Summerlin, NV (25 minutes from the strip). According to their website they make GF cupcakes.
I have not been to their store, and I have not had much luck finding any GF bakeries (for bread) in the Vegas area.

H.Peter said...

Hi Tanya,
already checked their website. Thank you for your help.

Are you from Vegas?

Tanya Duke said...

Yes, I live in Henderson (south of Las Vegas). Today is my 3 month anniversary of Gluten-Free. Someone told me the first 3 months are the hardest, so I am happy to be at this point. I thought that Vegas would have a tons of options for GF food, but not so much. :(

My husband and I started a web page,

We are hoping people would post on the forum about any stores or restaurants in the area.