Wednesday, February 03, 2010


So many Blogs, so little time.
Search for almost anything on Google and you probably will hit a Blog about that topic. Amazing really.
I was recently asked by a non blogger, why I, or for that matter anyone would blog. The question stumped me. And usually I am quick with answers.

After thinking for a while, my realization was clearly that I blog to help Victoria and her venture to sell gluten free baked goods in Alberta and BC. Mission accomplished. I think.
GF PATISSERIE is a little bakery that holds it's own and then some. And just today one of my deliveries was to a lady who first heard about Victoria through my Blog. Do i want to Blog about anything else? My dog? No. GF Patisserie and maybe a sprinkling about my adventures at auctions is it.

Then however, I kept thinking about all those Blogs I read at night and on weekends, and what motivates them to tell us their musings. Obviously my readings are heavily tilted towards Food Blogs, but also the odd travel Blog, especially European themed Blogs.

Then there are picture Blogs, that post a picture each day of their location. Why? Why do they go through that effort and committment? I do not know, but I do enjoy some of them.

Political Blogs. I only read them during major issues, such as elections or scandals to get a non mainstream opinion. But the rest of the year? No. As I said, so many Blogs, so little time.

Commercial success? I doubt it. I am not sure if there is more than a handful of Bloggers that actually makes more than meager returns on their referals from Amazon or other afiliate programs.
Or am I a commercial Blogger who just does not see the actual ROI? Victoria's bakery?

So. Why do you Blog? What motivates you for the past years to keep on typing?
Or for those of you who do not blog, what is your favorite Blog and why?
Here are some of the Blogs I read and why:

Because they are passionate about food (non GF):

Because I like Paris and it's stories:

Because I miss Vegas:

Because they are Celiacs: ( I am promoting GF Patisserie after all) (she wrote nice stuff about GFP........)


Christy said...

I too first heard about GF Patisserie from a link to your blog. So glad I did! I'm actually making the trip (2+ hours round trip)tomorrow to load up :) any specials on the board for tomorrow?

H.Peter said...

Hey Christy,

not so sure what they will have tomorrow. I saw some valentine's sugar cookies.

Thanks for reading. Where are you headed in fom?

shokutsu said...

Well said! Blogs and the motivations behind the writers are indeed a deep and great topic to ponder. If it helps any, we've tried to express why we do it on our about page for any of your readers who may be interested.

Thanks for the mention!

H.Peter said...

You are welcome, Shokutsu.
Your team aproach to blogging is definitely different and I enjoy it.

Christy said...

Hi again, I'm just coming from the deep south end of Calgary - but traversing the city seems to take way longer than it should. Last time it took me over an hour to get there (and obviously the same to get home). I saw on face-book that there will be eclairs and cream puffs this weekend - will they be ready tomorrow, or should I delay my visit. They sound divine.

H.Peter said...

Hi Christy,

maybe wait until Friday to be sure.
Or call them at 10am today for details and set stuff aside?

A Canadian Foodie said...

Why blog?
I love that reflection...
For my daughters, so they have my recipes in detail, and when they call me from wherever they are with "Mom!" I can now provide momsey support from far away... that is how it started, and then it became more...
My circle of friends is not as interested or as motivated in food as I am. Yet, they love coming and whatever I bring... they are just not into making and baking and cooking themselves - and I need or crave support.
So, I write about it. I like writing. It keeps me on my toes. So, I do this to get support and interaction and feedback and to initiate discussion. That is also why I launched my new site - the old one was impossible for comments... still, most people send me personal messages. I hope that will change and the site will be more interactive. I crave that.
And, lastly, as a journal. It is a fantastic resource for me. I still have so much to enter. I have three huge trips I want to put in... so I am never bored. Always have something to do that appeals to me. When I am tired, I write.
And read what others are up to... and learn.
Love it - but it can be overwhelming there are now so many online journals...
And mine is mainly about travel and cooling. Not so much about local restaurants, etc. Others around here do that well, and I am really not interested in that, thought I am interested in reading what they have to say - that kind of thing is not a part of what I am doing this for.
And, though I am not gluten free... it is the travelling that you write about that interests me. Wild.
Thanks for the early morning reflection!

Anonymous said...

Along with my love of food, this is (part of) what I have posted on my About page:

I write for a living (not that you can always tell by my blog's spelling and grammar mistakes), and wanted to write something that was for myself and had nothing to do with the work I do. I'm also learning photography, and taking lots and lots of photos is the best way to learn. And so, this blog was born.

Chris said...

Thanks H.Peter, I agree that there can be so many reasons to blog. What makes people so wonderful is the wide degree of passion and inspiration that runs in each of us. Maybe you love soccer and write about your favorite team; maybe its fashion and you want to show off your new shoes.

Me, it's about food. I love cooking for people, and I think food is one of the greatest conquerors of differences, distance, and lifestyles. We all need to eat, and a tummy full of homemade food is the perfect way to bring us together. Also, to me, it brings back the mentality of cooking and socializing all at once. Even if I'm making something for myself, I'd rather cook and bake, then hit the microwave with something from the frozen food section. I don’t want to get sucked into the rush of life, where friends and family can’t sit for more than 10 minutes without some sort of TV, or web distraction. Please come, sit, talk, enjoy…and at the end, eat. Or maybe eat the whole time ;)

H.Peter said...

Hello Valerie,

your posts about your trip back to southern Europe and your TRIFECTA of food in California are my favorite Blog posts, not only on your Blog.

The simpleness of home cooking in Europe is what blew me away. And their contentness.

Your kitchen tour at Bouchon's, Chez Panisse? what can I say. I am excited to go soon.

H.Peter said...


what else do you write? Other than the blog that is

H.Peter said...

You are welcome Chris.

Your breads are incredible to look at.

are you gonna eat that? said...

Thanks for the link, H. Peter! I write for a living but usually about the news, so I wanted to write about something for myself, as a respite and as a hobby. I also love to find new places and share them with people. So hence, my blog!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I can't believe you gave me another shout out ... you're just too sweet--thank you! First, I totally agree with that first line ... gosh, I feel badly when there's not enough time to visit all my favorite blogs (like yours) on a timely basis. First, I'm glad you blog because I thoroughly enjoy reading about and seeing the wonderful gluten-free food and services offered by GF Patisserie. Plus, there are your frequent reviews of local restaurants and your great trip reports, not to mention your antique posts--love those, too.

I know you know the main reason why I blog ... to spread the word on eating gluten free easily ... my mission. Of course, that involves recipes, discussions on celiac/glutenintolerance/gluten sensitivity and all that involves: testing, diagnosis, etc. I love connecting with folks through my blog, whether they visit for a little and get their gluten-free "sea legs" and go off on their own or they come every day to say hello. Blogging is great.

Who do I love? Well, the blogs I love are on my blog roll and yours is right there. Other ones I visit as often as possible are:

Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen (
Gluten Free for Good (
The W.H.O.L.E. Gang (
The Spunky Coconut (
No Gluten, No Problem (

Thanks, H.Peter! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I work in PR - so I do everything from website content to speeches, among other things like event planning and consultation.

KimHo said...

Thanks for the shout out and believe I am being passionate!

The truth is I first started blogging as a mean to waste/spend my time on something that did not involve playing a computer game or being a couch potato. However, I started to notice that I had a lot more to say if it is food related more than anything else - and I enjoyed writing about it. That is how it eventually "evolved" into a food blog. Sure, that really burns a hole in the pocket; however, the fact I have met new people (both in-real-life and on-line only) makes up for that. Furthermore, the fact people come back and provide feedback bring some degree of satisfaction and serves as an incentive for me to keep up going. Not for the money, not for the glory, just to build links with others. Without these links and readers, a blog is like a book whose page will never turn.