Wednesday, February 17, 2010


While hunting for some ingredients today at Superstore I went down my favorite isle, the one with all the imported goods and found some interesting things to buy.
Not that most exciting items, but I had to check them out. After all, I like to try new things.

Authentic, free of preservatives refried beans from Mexico. These will be perfect for the Tacos we are having for dinner. No other ingredients, beans, salt. Love it.

Pickles from Iran. Huh. How did a company from Iran get listed at Superstore? I really want to know. If you are working in the purchasing department at Loblaw, please email me. I have the in with some premium gluten free baked goods you could make a fortune with.
The pickles are good, flavored with Tarragon, a herb that you do not associate with pickles. A whole glove of garlic floating in the jar give them an extra kick as well.

And from their own brand, I bought these Praline Pecans, which are covered in cinnamon. Not my favorite, but I know Isabella and Victoria will like them.

Funny, I tried all three things almost simultanously, a weird combination but how else am I going to tell you about these things?


Chris said...

Nice finds. I'm always looking for random things at Superstore.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I'd go for those praline pecans in a heartbeat! :-) I can never go in superstores. I end up spending a small fortune.

Where was that photo in your header taken? I want to go there. NOW.


H.Peter said...

Hey Shirley,

nah, Superstore actually has the lower prices in Canada.

The Pecans are excellent.

H.Peter said...


what did you find lately>?