Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday, Ben's Meats & Deli got another delivery and this time I made sure to have some spare time to visit The Bulk Barn, a place that Calgary does not have. Yet.
And in the same shopping area, I had dinner at FAMOSO. Oh yes, the Calgary location will open soon.....

Not much I can say that has not been said by some great Edmonton Bloggers already, other than I was personally amazed how busy the place was and that Isabella, who came with me to Edmonton, behaved like the proverbial kid in a candy store... "Papa, these are 5 times more expensive at 7-11, can I have some?"

So read these two Blogs for what's in store and click on the images below for better viewing. Enjoy!


Chris said...

Welcome back to town. Glad you were finally able to hit up the Bulk Barn. Just think, you found it busy, but I went on Senior's day (10-15% off I think) and it was crazy, crazy.

Nice touch by finishing the day at Famoso.

H.Peter said...


I cannot imagine. Some of GFP's Facebook fans did point out the potential of cross contamination a bit.

FAMOSO was great. The South Common location was incredibly busy.

kazzy said...

I love that you come visit Edmonton with the same verve that I visit Calgary with!

Vincci said...

We may not have the Bulk Barn but I've been meaning to check out Weigh2Go -

H.Peter said...

Hey Kazzi,

business takes me up there.
Anthropologie is just about my favorite store and you got one!

Same goes for FAMOSO.....

I love Edmonton in the summer.

H.Peter said...

Hallo Vincci,

Weigh2go is a great owner operated place here in town.
I go there once in a while during lunch.

Marketing however is so important when you are small and they just don't beat the drum as much as i would like them to.

Because on any given day do I prefer a small place over a big box. (well, Costco is my only vice)

roserose963 said...


karenk said...

Cross contamination is one of the reasons I do not go to Community Foods in Calgary. I went once and there was flour everywhere.
Wheat flour bins were placed above Gluten Free flour, made no sense.
I have been to Weigh2Go when it first opened and loved the place. Less chance of cross contamination because of how the bins are, not open. Plus loved that you could get just a small amount of spices. Unfortunately they are in the south so I just don't go.

H.Peter said...

hey Karen,

agreed on the cross contamination issue.

Weigh2go has ways to go to penetrate the market. But yes, it's a great place.