Thursday, December 10, 2009


So. When you travel abroad and get hungry, how safe do you play it? Stay in the hotel and eat? Well known Franchises ? Fast Food?
Or do you step out on a limb once in a while and try to immerse yourself into the local food scene?
Personally I like to mix it up. Good breakfast at the hotel (coffee...) but then during the day, no matter where I am, I like to try food from street vendors.

On my recent trip to China, I saw this cart a couple of blocks behind the Silk Street Market in Beijing and I knew I had to try it. Savory Crepes. At least that's what it looked like.
I first watched the guy prepare one for a lady in front of me, it looked simple enough, so I ordered one.
An egg, parsley and onions were the obvious ingredients, but he also added three different schmears on top, one of which was probably a Chile based sauce, the Crepe had a nice kick to it.
And before he folded it all together he topped it with some sort of a crispy something. No idea what it is, anyone of you knows what I ate?

Yes, if you enlarge the images, hygiene may be questionable, but that savory Crepe was the best I had. Besides, nothing like a little stomach flu to loose some weight, right?

The whole thing cost 70 Cents.


A Canadian Foodie said...

I think I would have to try it too - if it smelled good... I cannot travel without trying the food, but how lucky are YOU? China!!! What else did you eat there?

H.Peter said...

I am putting up anothe post today with more street food

Anonymous said...

Looks like pork rind to me?