Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Tony. With his wife Maria, they were the first couple to invite me over for dinner when I moved to Calgary all those years ago. Tony is from Hungary, so you can guess what we have in common. Yes, food. Of course. Good food. Amongst other things.

Tony wanted to go to China and who better to go with him than me. A few years back Tony tried to get into the import business but was thrown under the bus by his best friend and that guy's greedy wife. ( Now they are going to send their Ivory tower lawyers after me again...)
A sad tale really, but Tony never complained, licked his wounds and moved on. It seems he is ready to jump back into the fray and I can't wait to see what he is up to.

A great trip it was, as Tony is not only fun to travel with, but he has some brilliant ideas as well. Not all Chinese food was well received by him, but we did manage to find some Euro food to make him happy!

Joining the Red Army?

"You so tall, Mister"


Construction material

A bench for his backyard

Fruits are better than chicken feet

Head cheese in China?

Not his favorite food.


asia1196 said...

Love the photos. You guys know how to eat well and have fun. Money means everything to some people. They have it all and still are not happy!You guys have learned what's important in life and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing!

H.Peter said...

Maria, we had a GREAT time.