Friday, December 25, 2009



December 24th. The final day of a hectic Christmas season at GF PATISSERIE. I still had to do a few deliveries and Victoria was swamped at the store with those last minute shoppers.
Lucky me, Isabella was my Elf and came along to help with the deliveries. Always fun!

Needless to say, Elfs must eat. Especially when they work so hard. YANN HAUTE PATISSERIE opened yesterday (cutting it close for the season I would say....), so that gave us an excellent reason to make a detour to Mission. HAUTE seems to stand for "out there", "excellent", or "the best of", very much like HAUTE CUISINE or HAUTE COUTURE, where you know you are in for a treat outside your normal experience.

The sales room a stark white affair, with still limited wares artfully displayed throughout. Their Macarons (our main reason to visit) did deliver. Very HAUTE, not your normal Vanilla, Chocolate flavors, but such interesting creations such as Violet, passion fruit and Rum Raisin amongst the flavors.

I tell you, they are good. Very good. I may have mentioned this before, but could it be that Macarons are the next Cupcakes? Somehow I see a trend developing here in Calgary.....another macaron maker is opening up at the Farmers' Market in January.
Are you reading this Victoria? They are gluten free. You made them in Vegas, darling!

Another one of my Elf's favorite spots to stop for hot chocolate when we work together, is Cafe Beano. Maybe Calgary's best people watching spot.

I am not sure if it was the Christmas spirit or a general new direction they are taking, but the normally uebercool staff (They really think they are God's chosen ones in the coffee world), was personable and down to earth. I could not believe it. How refreshing. How nice. Both, the order taker and the Barrista! Janice Beaton, keep it up just so.

At home, while Victoria was closing up shop, I prepared our cold cuts and cheese platter for our family Christmas Eve meal. A relaxed and simple affair, I bought some real nice things at L'Epicerie and Lina's Italian Store. Pate, Rillette, a couple of finer cheeses and french ham.
The girls yaked on about times past, while I was about to fall asleep. I think I missed half the stories. Yes I did.

Hope you all have a good time as well this season.

Baked treats to be delivered all over Calgary

Right behind Mercato's on 4th

HAUTE Macarons
Stylish, stylish

Isabella, stop eating the Macarons
Cafe Beano
Isabella, fitting in.
Well, maybe not.
Christams Eve at home
Simple and good


Allison the Meep said...

I hope you all have a great Christmas!

Those macaroons look awesome - looks like lots of different flavors too. I'm guessing the green is either matcha or pistachio?

H.Peter said...

Pistachio indeed.

Merry Christmas Allison to you and your family

Chris said...

Looks awfully tasty!

H.Peter said...

Good morning Chris,

tasty it was. All of it.

Victoria said...

I think you said the Cream puff is the next Cupcake, which is it, Macaron, Cream puff, Macaron, Cream puff.

Yann Haute Patisserie said...

Allison and Peter, the green macaron is pistachio and morello cherry. Its white chocolate/pistachio ganache makes it one of the best!

As for the macarons being the next cupcakes, we intend to make it so!

Thank you for your visit.

H.Peter said...

There you go Victoria.
Macaron it is.

Forget the Cream Puff.

Vincci said...

Mmm those macarons do look good! (Macarons in Calgary, who would've thunk?) I'll have to make it down to Yann's some time.

H.Peter said...

Hey Vincci,

we just got some more today for NYE.

There will be another vendor at the Farmers' Market starting January...

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Your Elf, Isabella; Violet macarons (I'm trying to imagine those); God's chosen ones (too funny, but a great description ... I've run into them before!); lovely cheese platter and cold cuts (French ham, now that sounds good) for Christmas eve ... Sounds like a lovely day!