Saturday, November 07, 2009


9.45 am, -5C, 12 people waiting outside a store. Breadlines in Novosibirsk, 1982?

Nope. Proud Edmontonians supporting one of their own. Every Food Blogger in Edmonton worth their sugar, has covered this pastry and bake shop, so let me not make you envious with how buttery the Croissant was and how the Pain au Chocolat is maybe better than any in Calgary. You are Gluten intolerant.
Read all about regular treats from The Duchess Bake Shop here, but check my comments on the Macrons at the bottom (Because they are Gluten Free...):

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Anyway. You see this a popular joint. By the time I got around to ordering, I counted 34 people in this bakery. Edmonton got something to stay in line for....

After verifying that the Macrons are indeed gluten free, Isabella and I ordered a nice load of the five different flavors they had.
Believe it or not, they all made it back to Calgary, we did not eat any on the road. (Though I ate both Pains au Chocolat & one Croissant...)
Having just had the first one (3), let me tell you something, Edmonton Celiacs.
Go swarm that place like there is no tomorrow. They are excellent and quite frankly a good deal. You can taste the top quality ingredients.


Anonymous said...

I am planning on ruining my diet with more macarons as soon as December hits. :D

H.Peter said...

And you know it is worth it....

all five flavors were impressive, with the coconut being the best.

A Canadian Foodie said...

I haven't tasted the coconut yet, but spent the day today making them again. And, I will add to your comment that they are not expensive. Quality ingredients, and the time involved making them is considerable... at least for the amature. Today I made pink peppercorn, and they were really tasty (ugly, but tasty) and the chocolate I made for the third time and they are getting better every time. I would like to be successful with a "plain" one! So glad you made it to Duchess. It is so special to all of us here. I knwo you have some pretty special patiseries in Calgary. Do any make French Macarons? I had a pain au chocolat on the way home one day, too. I almost had to pull over it was so buttery I could hardly focus on the road as I was chasing the precious crumbs flaking down my shirt! (Can't believe all of the macarons made it to Calgary. Good for you.) I need to get back over there and compare Giselle's to mine, again.