Sunday, November 15, 2009


GF BISTRO. It would be a natural expansion plan for GF PATISSERIE. Will it happen? Probably not (unless one of you steps forward willing to do it).
Regardless, here is another dish I would serve at a gluten free restaurant. Tasty, easy to make and most people like it.

A German dish by origin, many variations on the items that go inside, but always the same. A great combination of meat, gravy and noodles. Home made gluten free noodles with GF PATISSERIE'S flour mix.

Don't ask for recipes, just wing I did.


Anonymous said...

This looks incredibly good! I am going to have to try it. I love your blog by the way. I live in Wnnipeg, originally from Lethbridge, and will be visiting you in the spring!!

H.Peter said...

hey Jalori,

looking forward to seeing you at teh bakery

karenk said...

Your rouladen looks great, we put pickles in ours. Haven't made it in a while, now I have the craving.

H.Peter said...

Hi Karen,

I am aware of the pickle and that's why it never was a favorite of mine. However, without it, the rolls were equally good.

Vincci said...

Looks delicious - great photos!

Anonymous said...

Looks sensational