Sunday, September 06, 2009


A slight variation from Vitello Tonnato. Beef instead of veal. At Bruno's house. Where else?

Bruno and his family took off for the weekend for some well deserved R&R. Sandra has sold 11 homes since she started her stellar career in real estate a short 3 month ago. Somehow she makes it happen. So if you ae int eh market for a realtor in Calgary..... But they needed a break.

Not without inviting us over one more time for a "light" summer dinner though.

Bruno makes his own roast beef, which not only tastes much better than anything you would find in a grocery store, it is also really easy to make. If you got time.
Tonnato is a Tuna based sauce, that is very popular in Europe, basically you buy the best canned Tuna, add some white pepper, mayo, a dash of white wine, capers and other spices you enjoy, whip it up, spread over the cut meat and the best roast beef you had is ready to eat.

A side of roasted potatoes, another perfect meal at Bruno's Can't wait for next week, when they are back in town!


Sonia Gluten Free said...

That looks so wonderful.
My granddaughter loves meat, no doubt it ready tomorrow.
Thanks Chef :-)))

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I've never heard of that sauce. Very interesting. I love that it's a naturally gf meal! Glad you got some more time with Bruno and family. :-) His wife is going to have an amazing career in real estate if she's doing that well in this market--wow!


H.Peter said...

such a simple, yet tasty sauce!

real estate in calgary is steaming