Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Victoria is buying another freezer. Lauren is starting with the procuring of ingredients today. Thanksgiving is just around the corner (in Canada that is.)

So people. Listen up. Gluten free Pumpkin Pie and gluten free Italian bread for stuffing. There will be plenty. Relax. BUT! Please place your orders as soon as you know how many of your gluten challenged friends will be over for Turkey.

Unlike last year, which was the first Thanksgiving for GF Patisserie, this time around Victoria is getting ready for a seasonal peak of orders.
Dave at Ben's Meats in Edmonton, are you reading this?

To read more about the excellent way we make stuffing in our house, and the really delicious gluten free Pumpkin Pie, check these two posts from last year:


gfe--gluten free easily said...

I need to come up with an award just for you ... most prolific blogger ever! Love the cartoon and the thoughts of Thanksgiving. It has become my favorite holiday ... all about family and food, with no gifts to buy! ;-)

Pumpkin pie ... thanks for that image!


karenk said...

Whoo Hoo, that is great, I would never have thought to use the Italian Flat bread for stuffing. My family is coming for thanksgiving to my house this year so I will definately be putting in an order for bread and OMG pumpkin pie GF!!!!

H.Peter said...

Hey Karen

good on you. Taking on the family....

My little hint, if you get anywhere near IKEA before Thanksgiving, buy the Lingonberries there. Better than our Cranberries

H.Peter said...

Good morning Shirley,

not so much prolific...English is my second language.

Reading your posts, I predict a GFE novel that will give Dan Brown a run for his Da Vinci $$$!

especially your imaginative blogger meet up post. I wil never forget that one.

karenk said...

Thanks for the tip, I will definately get some of the Lingonberries. Ive had them pre-GF with the Swidish Meatball and love it. I also have 2 people that don't like cranberries so maybe they will like the lingonberries.

Sally said...

You can buy Loganberry sauce at Superstore. It is a good substitute for cranberries.

Sally said...

Correction! I should have written Lingonberries not Loganberry

H.Peter said...

Hmmm. Lingonberries @ Superstore. I gotta find those.

Very intersting