Sunday, September 20, 2009


Calgary's Chinatown is fairly small compared to other ones in North America. Nevertheless it's a vibrant part of our city's downtown core. hard to get a parking spot, even on a Sunday.
We wanted to check out Booker's, a BBQ joint that recently reopened east of downtown, but they were closed for lunch, so I took Victoria and Isabella to Chinatown for lunch instead.

Since the weather has turned to the cold side, we all wanted something that would warm us up, so we looked for a good noodle soup which we found at Pho Pasteur Saigon. Much has been written about this place on foodie websites, mostly positive.

Including Isabella, we all enjoyed our meal there, the Phos we ordered were excellent, well flavored and Victoria's Satay flavored soup was nice and spicy. Great GF fresh spring rolls as a starter. I can recommend this place to all Celiacs who work downtown. Located right next to the Harry Hays building.
A nice surprise was their fresh squeezed lemonade that we ordered for Isabella. Squeezed to order, never had one fresher in Calgary.

For dessert we went to The Dessert House around the corner, Victoria wanted a Bubble tea. Made with fresh fruits, the Peach tea was the best Victoria had in Calgary. I don't like bubble tea, so don't ask me what I think of it....Those Tapioca thingies floating at the bottom of the cup, a visual disaster.

So if you work downtown, and are gluten intolerant, China town is a great bet for a fairly inexpensive and safe lunch. Just walk, don't drive there.

Any other recommendations from anyone in that part of town?


Twyla Campbell said...

Hi Peter...I'm a Pho Freak from way back so its nice to see postings from another Pho fan, and thx for stopping by my blog - I thought I'd return the visit. I haven't had Pho in Calgary for years, but if you're ever in Edmonton, my favourites are the Golden Bird on 97 Street in the heart of Chinatown. Their beef satay soup is one of the best in the city, and the calamari is by far THE best. Also, Phobulous on 109street is great if you're wanting a more modern twist on the soup. I enjoy your blogging...well done!

H.Peter said...

Hey Twyla,

how could I not stop by your blog, a Tour de France like yours is very very enjoyable to read.

I am in edmonton once ina while when I delvier the GF stuff to Ben's and will check in on one of the Pho places you recommend.