Thursday, September 24, 2009


Cupcakes. A phenomenon that just won't go away. I am amazed that this trend in baking keeps going and going, very much like the Energizer Bunny.
A week ago I found myself in the new Mega mall north of Calgary to see if there is anything worth seeing. Not really.

BUT! In the middle of the walking area on the west side, is a Cupcake booth by Buttercream Bake Shoppe. They do not bake onsite, but do get deliveries a few times a day, depending how busy they are. Fresh is good.

I had this idea to personally compare cupcakes to cupcakes a long time ago, but never really followed through with it.
Coincidentally that same day I visited the mall, Victoria had just made fresh Mocha cupcakes, so I had a great chance to compare those two flavors side by side. GF and regular.

Buttercream's version is somewhat larger, on the bottom (dough) part, both having about the same amount of icing. GF Patisserie's Mocca icing flavor definitely beats their Espresso flavor, not sure what Buttercream uses to create all those different flavors, but I think it's flavor mixes. Lauren made a huge amount of espresso at the house, which they then blended into the buttercream at the bakery.

Dough. When I cut them both in half, you can clearly see the difference in color. That actually is something that made Victoria experiment with even more Cocoa powder to get a darker look.
I have a strong feeling that Buttercream uses pre mixes to create their cupcakes. Not sure.

Packaging. Well. They ARE in the business of cupcakes, the see through crate that firmly holds cupcakes in place is a winner. No doubt. But the paper wrapper of GF Patisserie more than makes up for that when it comes to individual display.

Overall as a non Celiac, their cupcake is good. Good enough for me to go back if I would crave one. On their website it shows all their varieties, so many in fact that they are rotating flavors weekly.

Does anyone else have a family member, non celiac that has tried regular cupcakes? I would love to get some feedback.


karenk said...

The real test is to compare them to Crave cupcakes. (supposedly the king of cupcakes) Crave is located in Kennsington and I have had them, pre-Celiac and they are very good. Unfortunately I have not had one of Victoria's cupcakes only because Im lactose intolerant.
But as for presentation I love the individual wrap its so pretty.

H.Peter said...

I had Krave's, ehm. What can i say? Good for Lactose intolerance?

Catie said...

I've recently gone gluten free (read in the past 2 months) and so I have a relatively fresh idea of my ideal cupcake (Crave) and I've tried Victoria's cupcakes. I liked both but preferred the Crave cupcake. It was a bit fluffier (more air bubbles) and was moister. It was also bigger and cost more (I think) - and this is kinda a trend that I see with a lot of GF things - they tend to be smaller. To get the same chocolate satisfaction I'd have to eat 2 of Victoria's cupcakes (which I will the next time). I think that the icing on the Crave cupcakes also has a stronger flavor (for better or worse) and there is a lot of icing on a Crave cupcake (but again, I've heard people complain that they have too much - not me complaining though)

So this is a lot of feedback and I want to express that part of my love of the Crave cupcake is still a longing to be able to eat at any bakery I desire. I love the food you guys have at the Patisserie (including the cupcakes, cookies, banana bread, coffee cake...) and am so grateful that you guys exist.

H.Peter said...

Hi Catie,

now I will have to go back to KRAVE and get a few cupcakes.

Yes, most GF things are smaller AND more expensive.

I am glad you enjoyed KRAVE'S creations. They certainly paved the way in Calgary for this trend.

For your chocolate cravins, let me recommend lauren's brownies at GF Patisserie

James said...

I must admit...before going GF Crave was one of the best places to pick up dad who is a Crave fanatic...LOVES Victoria's cupcakes.

Yes they are would be nice if they were a bit bigger, but the flavor is awsome...the icing is 100% better then crave...(they always had way to much)

GF has amazing by far!!

H.Peter said...

hallo James,

say hi to your father. We are looking for another promoter.....

last weekend I took Isabella to BLISS, a tiny bakery in China town. I was blwon away by their dough. My favorite.

Lauren Jane Marie said...

Can't say I agree with anyone who likes Crave cupcakes. Sorry Crave!

Having had a cupcake from Crave, Buttercream, and number one choice is Bliss hands down.

Their cupcake is not as big as their counterparts, but I find that those other ones are too big anyway. I like my treats, I don't want to gain weight from them.

You can tell by the dough that they put a lot of care into what they're making, it is a lighter, smaller crumb.

Crave and Buttercream tend to overmix their batters, I've always found a lot of tunneling in their stuff. That and it has that cake-from-a-box taste to it.

And when it comes to icings, I don't think there will be a place that doesn't use the old icing sugar/butter or margarine standby. I'm not a big fan since when its not done right, its grainy. I'll commend Buttercream with Bliss for actually using butter, since anything else is no good.

However, Bliss uses significantly less, and I like that. Maybe now I will need a Bliss cupcake this weekend...

(If you were wondering about the icing at GF Patisserie, I use an Italian meringue and good old butter. yum!)

H.Peter said...

Ah. Lauren. Enlightening.

Anonymous said...

I've never had any gluten-tastic cupcakes but my husband has and he says he likes my cupcakes better. (But he could also be slightly biased. :P)

Whenever I brought cupcakes or cake to work, most people didn't realize that it was gluten free until I told them, so I guess they're pretty good!