Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A while ago Lauren had a special request for a boy's birthday. Star Wars Cupcakes. She Blogged about them here:
Besides that they really looked terrific, this post was a constant traffic driver on my Blog. Loads and loads of people are fans of the series and may just want something different for their birthday.
Today, a fellow Facebooker pointed out that Lauren's Cupcakes were chosen by a Site that focuses on Sci Fi. Check it out here:
How fun is that? Lauren's getting press.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well you know it's a trend if you can find gluten free dog food. Terri-Lynn, Marc's wife ,pointed out a new pet treat for sale at COSTCO.

WHEAT GLUTEN FREE dog treats. What's next? Dog Biopsy? Can we write that off from our taxes? Regular dog treats are free (in our house the dog gets scraps), this container set me back 15.00. Hmmmm. I can just see the note from Revenue Canada. "Dear Mr. Celiachusband, have you completely lost your mind????"

But then, true enough, Victoria pointed out we love our dogs and the same as people try to treat themselves to the best, why shouldn't dogs get the best as well? Ehm, nice argument, darling. BUT they are DOGS! Dogs do weird things to themselves. You know where this is going....I don't have to type it.

Anyway, shorten the post Peter, there are talented people who blog much better.

We did buy a container, one with those pretty paw prints on it, so Isabella does not confuse the treats with the Oatmeal cookies from GF PATISSERIE.

Ehm, seriously, reading the ingredients, makes me wonder out loud here......oatmeal, honey, rice flour, flax, yoghurt, someone please call 911, I have seen that recipe somehwere on a desk around this house....

Emily, the family pet, was very surprised about all the fuss and her being the centre of attention for no apparent reason. With much hesitation she sniffed the container, waiting for my next move. And guess what. She likes the treats. She likes them very much. As much as oatmeal cookies.

Isabella is envious enough that I would not put it past her to sneak a treat for herself one day when we are no watching....they do smell good. I agree. Like gluten free oatmeal cookies.

Friday, September 25, 2009


When I checked my traffic today, I saw a dozen link ins from a Blog I once in a while read. It's all about cupcakes. I mean it. These girls must have a doctorate in Cupcakery.
They did read my comparison post and linked it on their website. Traffic. Thank you very much.
Now, to see what I mean with Cupcake phenomenon, please go their blog and enjoy.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Cupcakes. A phenomenon that just won't go away. I am amazed that this trend in baking keeps going and going, very much like the Energizer Bunny.
A week ago I found myself in the new Mega mall north of Calgary to see if there is anything worth seeing. Not really.

BUT! In the middle of the walking area on the west side, is a Cupcake booth by Buttercream Bake Shoppe. They do not bake onsite, but do get deliveries a few times a day, depending how busy they are. Fresh is good.

I had this idea to personally compare cupcakes to cupcakes a long time ago, but never really followed through with it.
Coincidentally that same day I visited the mall, Victoria had just made fresh Mocha cupcakes, so I had a great chance to compare those two flavors side by side. GF and regular.

Buttercream's version is somewhat larger, on the bottom (dough) part, both having about the same amount of icing. GF Patisserie's Mocca icing flavor definitely beats their Espresso flavor, not sure what Buttercream uses to create all those different flavors, but I think it's flavor mixes. Lauren made a huge amount of espresso at the house, which they then blended into the buttercream at the bakery.

Dough. When I cut them both in half, you can clearly see the difference in color. That actually is something that made Victoria experiment with even more Cocoa powder to get a darker look.
I have a strong feeling that Buttercream uses pre mixes to create their cupcakes. Not sure.

Packaging. Well. They ARE in the business of cupcakes, the see through crate that firmly holds cupcakes in place is a winner. No doubt. But the paper wrapper of GF Patisserie more than makes up for that when it comes to individual display.

Overall as a non Celiac, their cupcake is good. Good enough for me to go back if I would crave one. On their website it shows all their varieties, so many in fact that they are rotating flavors weekly.

Does anyone else have a family member, non celiac that has tried regular cupcakes? I would love to get some feedback.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Calgary's Chinatown is fairly small compared to other ones in North America. Nevertheless it's a vibrant part of our city's downtown core. hard to get a parking spot, even on a Sunday.
We wanted to check out Booker's, a BBQ joint that recently reopened east of downtown, but they were closed for lunch, so I took Victoria and Isabella to Chinatown for lunch instead.

Since the weather has turned to the cold side, we all wanted something that would warm us up, so we looked for a good noodle soup which we found at Pho Pasteur Saigon. Much has been written about this place on foodie websites, mostly positive.

Including Isabella, we all enjoyed our meal there, the Phos we ordered were excellent, well flavored and Victoria's Satay flavored soup was nice and spicy. Great GF fresh spring rolls as a starter. I can recommend this place to all Celiacs who work downtown. Located right next to the Harry Hays building.
A nice surprise was their fresh squeezed lemonade that we ordered for Isabella. Squeezed to order, never had one fresher in Calgary.

For dessert we went to The Dessert House around the corner, Victoria wanted a Bubble tea. Made with fresh fruits, the Peach tea was the best Victoria had in Calgary. I don't like bubble tea, so don't ask me what I think of it....Those Tapioca thingies floating at the bottom of the cup, a visual disaster.

So if you work downtown, and are gluten intolerant, China town is a great bet for a fairly inexpensive and safe lunch. Just walk, don't drive there.

Any other recommendations from anyone in that part of town?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Lauren here, posting for the first time in a long time.
But...just in time for tomorrow, the perfect pancake recipe for all of you out there! Peter asked me to put it on here for you guys so you can enjoy a pancake Sunday of your own.

We had these last Sunday (after Isabella begged me for a couple weeks to make some), and I think she really enjoyed them! They turn out nice and fluffy, just like a pancake should...

Yield: 10-12 pancakes, depending on size

1 3/4 cups GF Patisserie flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar (optional, but recommended)
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups milk
1 egg
2 - 3 tablespoons oil or butter (I prefer butter, better taste)
You can also add cinnamon if you'd like, we did and we served it up with whipping cream, walnuts, strawberries and maple syrup.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac association is hosting a BBQ in Bowness Park this Saturday. If you want to attend you need to RSVP.

GF Patisserie is supplying the Hamburger- and Hot Dog Buns. A great way to spend a good Saturday afternoon.

September 19th
Bowness Park NW
Picnic Site #2

More details in the Calgary Chapter September newsletter, RSVP to the Calgary Chapter office: (403)237-0304 or email:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Victoria is buying another freezer. Lauren is starting with the procuring of ingredients today. Thanksgiving is just around the corner (in Canada that is.)

So people. Listen up. Gluten free Pumpkin Pie and gluten free Italian bread for stuffing. There will be plenty. Relax. BUT! Please place your orders as soon as you know how many of your gluten challenged friends will be over for Turkey.

Unlike last year, which was the first Thanksgiving for GF Patisserie, this time around Victoria is getting ready for a seasonal peak of orders.
Dave at Ben's Meats in Edmonton, are you reading this?

To read more about the excellent way we make stuffing in our house, and the really delicious gluten free Pumpkin Pie, check these two posts from last year:

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ingredients DO matter. In anything you make really. Food or drink, the better the ingredients the better the product.

GF PATISSERIE'S brownies are made with Callebaut chocolate and some other gluten free ingredients and are just maybe the best ones out there. I have not had too many Brownies elsewhere, but just from my gut feeling, these ones are hard to beat.
Whenever I run a delivery, a Brownie is sort of my treat that I get from the bakery.

When I made my coffee this morning, I saw a small cake box in the kitchen, instantly Sunday started out even better. BROWNIES! A box of brownies? Unsold? Unreal. Thank you customers of GF PATISSERIE, thank you for leaving something.

So instead of making my regular Capucc, I went for an Espresso con Panna, which was the perfect match to this incredible Brownie.
If you buy from Victoria, but have never had a brownie, please try it. You will be as happy as I am after this breakfast.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The last thing you want your kid to do, is throw out the lunch you made.
I suspect that many kids don't eat the healthy part of the packed lunch in school. In our case it's the apple. Right Isabella?
Leftover chicken. Perfect for a quick chicken salad where I can hide the apple. Well, the mayo sort of eliminates the healthy part, but at least some vitamins will make it through.

So that's what I made Isabella for her lunch yesterday. Added some Lingonberries, a chopped apple, mayo and chicken. It's a very good tasting lunch and I know she will eat it. Add a rice cake and lunch is done.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


A slight variation from Vitello Tonnato. Beef instead of veal. At Bruno's house. Where else?

Bruno and his family took off for the weekend for some well deserved R&R. Sandra has sold 11 homes since she started her stellar career in real estate a short 3 month ago. Somehow she makes it happen. So if you ae int eh market for a realtor in Calgary..... But they needed a break.

Not without inviting us over one more time for a "light" summer dinner though.

Bruno makes his own roast beef, which not only tastes much better than anything you would find in a grocery store, it is also really easy to make. If you got time.
Tonnato is a Tuna based sauce, that is very popular in Europe, basically you buy the best canned Tuna, add some white pepper, mayo, a dash of white wine, capers and other spices you enjoy, whip it up, spread over the cut meat and the best roast beef you had is ready to eat.

A side of roasted potatoes, another perfect meal at Bruno's Can't wait for next week, when they are back in town!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


A regional distributor for gluten free foods has brought a very interesting product to Victoria's bakery today. Gluten free pasta. New to us for sure, has anyone of you heard of this brand?

FARABELLA, imported direct from Italy, the pasta is made of corn flour AND rice flour. What blew me away was the selection of Pastas available. Besides the standard offerings, this company also offers such rare to find shapes like Cannelloni, Orecchiette (Those tiny ear shaped things that you find in the soups in Italy) , bird's nest and many more...

Victoria took some samples and we will try the Pasta. If the product is as good as they say, I think Victoria will start carrying their products.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


So Lauren had to improvise today. No bananas for their excellent gluten free banana she made gluten free marble loaf cake. And brought home a few for me to taste & approve.

Approve I do, Lauren made an outstanding version, light, full of cocoa flavor, a delight not just for you Celiacs...I love it too.

David Lebovitz also makes a really good one, just sub his flour with Victoria's gluten free flour mix. Here is his version:

Available Wednesday for sure, later by special request maybe. Victoria stocked up on white callebaut Chocolate for her special Raspberry white chocolate scones. What a week to visit GF PATISSERIE!

Place your orders soon this week, it's a long weekend and they anticipate it to be a busy one.