Sunday, August 02, 2009

ONE YEAR LATER (by Victoria Edlinger)

From humble beginnings at the Bearspaw Farmers' Market to a special order of gluten free cupcakes for a wedding this weekend. It's been one year.

I would like to thank all of you, Lauren the head baker, family, friends, customers, Facebook fans, Bloggers who got the word out about GF PATISSERIE, Celiac Association of Canada, Calgary Chapter, and everybody else for your support over the past 12 month.

Without you, there would be no gluten free Cinammon Raisin bread, I would not have made a gluten free Grashopper cake, gluten free cupcakes were never on my radar would it not have been for you, my customers who asked for them.

Please join us at the bakery in Cochrane on Saturday August 8th, for a taster of birthday cake and some chat about the future.
Keep your ideas coming, tell your friends and neighbors, I am moving onwards and upwards.

See you Saturday,



gfe--gluten free easily said...

Sincere congatulations to you all! I know you are making many, many people very happy knowing that you are there for their safe, wonderful baked goods. :-)

Onward and upward indeed! Best to all,


Caitlin said...

OMG the most amazingly epic things happened on August 8th - GFP was born and saved the lives of celiac's all over Alberta....AND...I was born, forever changing the planet and the level of sarcasm in it! A big congratulation to you ladies, you have done a great job and deserve all the best in the future. We will be out of town having a birthday celebration of our own, but will put a candle on the cake dedicated to your birthday as well!

H.Peter said...

Thank you Shirley.

H.Peter said...

Caitlin, keep up the sarc. It's needed more and more!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you through facebook and I am so excited to see another GF bakery in the Calgary Area! Now I really want to be there on Saturday - now to convince my husband - any time in particular?

Do you also bake casein and soy free?

H.Peter said...

Hello Bean,

I am glad you ound the bakery. Victoria really puts some great goods out.

The bread is CF/GF, as they do that thing with the butter, i think it's called crailfy?