Thursday, July 09, 2009


I am sure you have heard how some restaurants (such as Cactus Club Cafe) try to sell their Key Lime Pie. Each pie needs THAT (insert number) many key limes to make it just right.

As of yesterday, I can confirm those numbers. Lauren went on to try if she can create the perfect gluten free "pucker your lips" lime mixture for her pie.

The only thing that ruined a perfect photo op was me. My impatience and pushiness to get a slice before I go to bed, ruined the final image. The pie did not settle yet and I was unable to take a good picture of the crust.

I am not sure if Lauren will make it for GF Patisserie this weekend, but let me tell you. Email or call them anyway to see if it's available, the Key Lime Pie is PERFECT in flavor. I think Lauren might try to make individual servings.

If you like Victoria's cheesecake crust, imagine the same, just with a perfect summer filling of key limes!


CowtownGirl said...

Mmmmmm....key lime! I am glad you explained your impatience.....I could not for the life of me figure out that one picture.

Caitlin said...

Is this your "Celiac By Proxy" Pie? You're family totally trumps me in the pie department. I think Connor may just have to move in with you guys!

H.Peter said...

Imaptient I am! I want pie. Not wait for pie...

H.Peter said...

Connor, imagine life with endless sugar.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Ah, I am imagining how good this pie must be! You'll have to get her to make another one soon so you can get a perfect pic. ;-)


H.Peter said...

Good morning Shirley,

the second pie that actually went on sale, looked better already. Next time, Lauren is going to prepare indivdual sizes of that pie.

Do you know a resto chain int he US called Bahama Breeze? Their key Lime Pie was the inspiration to make it GF.

Anonymous said...

Marc and I had this on Saturday, AH-MAZING! I'm happy to hear that an individual size will be available :)

I also indulged in the lemon meringue pie yesterday... I haven't been so happy to eat dessert in a long time! SO good!

I have yet to try the cherry, but I'm sure it will be just as good.

Anonymous said...

and yes, apparently I am making up for lost time, I have been in pie heaven this weekend!

H.Peter said...

Hi Christa,

The Key Lime was my absolute favorite.

The girls are experimenting on Tuesday for new items at the weekend Panini bash.

Sonia Gluten Free said...

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