Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I had a very very busy day today. Now, I am in the absolute "WANT" business. Nobody needs my creations. It looks good (http://www.taosourcing.com/), but really, it's just stuff.
So I take the recent upswing in orders and inquiries as a clear indication that business is getting a bit better and the worst is behind me.

So busy it was, I missed three phone calls from my pal Bruno. You know what that means, three calls from Cougar Ridge? That means food. I never miss an opportunity to eat Bruno's Italian specialties. NEVER. On my way from one appointment to another, I finally was able to return the call and chat with Bruno.

Basically he told me he made something special and I have to come right away. Right away? Business is just starting to pick up. Dollars or food? I am on fire the last week or so....what should I do?
Yes, you guessed right. I took a detour up the hill in Canada Olympic Park ( my favorite shortcut) and dropped by La Casa di Bruno to see what is so important. In the food department.

Huh! Sandra the very good soul and shooting star realtor surprised me with a gluten free Focaccia she made today for Victoria. She has been picking my brain for a while, what sets GF breads apart from real bread, what makes Victoria's versions so much better than the rest, etc., etc.

Now, very much as with Pizza, Focaccia is a combination of things. The dough has to be right, the cooking time has to be spot on and of course the little flavorful things that go on top, VERY IMPORTANT! Bruno put on some olives, herbs, and roasted peppers.

Let me tell you. Not only was Sandra's version really tasty and very fluffy, the thoughtfulness of them, Italian gluten eaters of mega proportions, to think of Victoria and her disease, that is even more impressive than the actual flat bread. I am glad I made the detour. And missed my next appointment. You can't just go to Bruno's house and pick up something to go. You sit down, there is wine, there is antipasto, there is talk, there are ideas, there are plans.

Just great! Life is good.


gfe--gluten free easily said...

How very cool that your friends made gf focaccia for Victoria! Picking that up was indeed an emergency. :-)

Glad to hear that business is picking up for you!

I hope you'll join in theGo Ahead Honey, It's Gluten Free! blog carnival I am hosting this month. I know you've made some dishes in the past that would work for the theme. Check it out here and remember the spirit of the theme. All are welcome! Hope your readers will join in as well--no blog needed. ;-)


H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

let me take a look at the recipes I have.

jordan said...

would LOVE to get a recipe for good gf pizza/foccaccia bread. it's a tough thing to modify i've found.

H.Peter said...

Bruno is the expert, i will get you in touch with him