Sunday, June 21, 2009


On my constant quest for the perfect gluten free Pizza, I recently started to look into wood fired Pizza ovens. My online research lead me to the most unlikely place to find a great oven. Black Diamond, Alberta. Black Diamond?

A mother daughter team, Jill & Heath, import one of the best if not the best residential Pizza oven from Italy, Mugnaini. Italy's original wood fired ovens.
Though I was very skeptical to be able to find this in Black Diamond, a visit to their show kitchen convinced me that this the real thing. This weekend I drove to the foothills and to inspect the oven Jill installed to show off this premium product.

By the time I got there, a fire made of apple wood was ready in this massive rustic red Pizza oven and all the makings of a Pizza were ready as well. The best way to show off an oven like this, is to make a Pizza for a prospective buyer Jill told me.
And right she is. The Pizza Heath made for me was done in about 2 minutes, at a temperature of around 800 degrees. The dough was PERFECT, the Pizza very tasty.

Now, I should have brought a gluten free Pizza shell from GF Patisserie to see how it would turn out, but I am certain this is the way to go. A real tasty, crispy gluten free Pizza!
What do you think of a gluten free Pizza party with Victoria's Pizza shells made in a wood fired oven? Anyone wants to come down to Black Diamond with us and try it? I think that would be a great party!

If you need more info on an original Italian Pizza oven, Jill can be reached at: (403) 933-8862


Nicole said...

I want that pizza oven too!!! That is so cool that it's in Black Diamond :o) Seriously, if we ever get to build a house of our own we are going to put in a pizza oven. That would be awesome!

H.Peter said...

hey Nicole,

how are you guys? How is Senor Lorne?

I tell you, this oven is fantastic.
So much you can do with it.

Nicole said...

We're both doing well :o) Senor Lorne is cool as ever! :P

It would be fun having an oven like that. I'm trying to remember who I know that owns one that is built into a wall. I can't remember who it is... Anyways, when I saw it I fell in love and said "I want one too!" So neat looking and so many uses.

Aileen - ToyBox Studios said...

I would definitely come for the pizza in Black Diamond! Thank you again for dropping off my order to me on Saturday...the fresh bread was amazing and I loved the quiches too!

H.Peter said...

Hi Aileen,

you are welcome. Victoria and Lauren are happy that you liked their baked goods.

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing (gf baked goods), is fantastic. I am formerly fromlethbridge alberta, currently live in winnipeg, and we have 1 place where we can buy gf baked goods, and that is where I work. Lorenzo's Gluten free Foods.
keep up the good work

H.Peter said...

hi Jalori,

godd to see you posting on here.

Winnipeg....move back to Alberta!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your great post about visiting our oven showroom We'd love to have anyone and everyone who is interested in for a visit and possibly a taste of our killer pizzas.

We'd love to try out Victoria's (soon-to-be) world-famous celiac-friendly pizza dough in it some time.

Jill & Heath

H.Peter said...

Hi Heath,

your Pizza was excelelnt. I recommend everybody to check it out. Bring your gluten free Pzza dough

Chris said...

Wow. Looks like a great find. I can't wait to see your results, if it goes that way. Ever since I started baking, bread and pizza, I've wanted a wood stove!

H.Peter said...

Hi Chris,

We are headed down there on Sunday to experiment with gluten free Pizza for the bakery.

BUT! I am also bringing my pal Bruno with me and his regular Pizza dough with imported flour (think Famoso).

Now that's a Pizza bash in the Foothills.

Chris said...

Can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the GF dough. Sounds like it's going to be a delicious Sunday!