Monday, June 29, 2009


The other day I had to run a delivery for GF Patisserie on the west end of town, which is really close to Bruno's house. So I decided to call him and see if he wants to go for a glass of wine.
Ehm. Well, Italians prefer to drink at home I guess. he invited me over for "a glass of wine" which should have taken what, 5 minutes, ten on the outside?

But Bruno was in the middle of cooking dinner. So you cannot just gulp down a glass of Brunello, you have to stay for dinner. HAVE TO!
The smell in his kitchen was very much the same as at a Trattoria in San Remo's harbour. Full of flavors. Overpowering flavors. Can't just leave without at least trying his creation.

He made stuffed Calamari in tomato sauce. Who makes those kind of dishes at home anymore?
Get yourself an Italian friend. They do. Hang out in Bridgeland and chat up an Italian. You won't regret it.

The Calamari were excellent, tender, and the stuffing, a mixture of bread cubes, spices and fish was exquisite. What a dinner.
But when I got home and told Victoria about my little side trip, she sent me straight to the dog could I? Visit Bruno without her. But she can't eat gluten was my lame excuse.
To suck up to my darling, I went to recreate Bruno's dinner at our house this weekend, but of course gluten free.

I used leftover bread from my Panini escapade this past Saturday, stuffed the Calamari just the way Bruno told me to, made a tomato sauce from scratch, pink, not red, just like Bruno told me to, first quickly pan fried the Calamari before covering them in sauce and let them bake in the oven for another 30 minutes. Very much like Bruno.

But I think Bruno held out on me. Something secret he uses, or maybe he put in wine that he did not tell me about. Or, let's face the fact, he is a genius in the kitchen. "Don't need to say BAM! all the time" he told me...
My Calamari turned out very good and Victoria can eat them, but let me tell you, Italians do it better. Way better. Bruno needs to open a cooking school.

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gfe--gluten free easily said...

You're lucky to have Bruno as your friend for sure!! He sounds like an utter genius in the kitchen and a great guy! I have missed calamari. I'm planning on doing a gf fried calamari some time this summer. :-)