Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Growing up in Europe, cold cuts were a daily thing. Especially in central Europe, the main meal of the day is lunch, and dinner usually consists of much lighter fare, such as pates, ham, cheese and pickles. Served with dark rye bread and butter.

I am sure with the global influence this is changing even there, but to this day every time I do ring up my parents and ask what they will have for dinner, it's still cold cuts. Nothing fancy, just good quality stuff from the local farmer or butcher.

At the end of our May long weekend I had the urge to just eat that, a platter of meats and cheeses. For the sake of images, I "tarted up" the platter and put it all on the cutting board. Much less formal otherwise. But it was great to spruce it up with all the condiments dished up instead leaving them in the jars and plastic bowls.... It even lured Lauren to the table for a nice family dinner.

Everybody got something they enjoy. Milder ham and Cheddar for Isabella, Brie and Soppressata for Victoria and Lauren, Anchovies and Stilton for me.
A few chunks of Assagio and Parmesan, Westfaeler Schinken, a milder German relative to Prosciutto and some fresh roast beef completed the platter.

We found some great fruit wine from a local 'winery" at the Farmers' market and I also served a french apero, Pineau des Charentes. It's basically a fortified wine from grape must and they add a bit of Cognac. Victoria had a glass of Shiraz, overal a very nice and easy dinner.


Lauren Jane Marie said...

No brie for me! Just the parmesan and the cheddar...good platter except for the cheeses. ;p Blecchhh mold

H.Peter said...

Picky kid you always were!