Saturday, April 04, 2009


Yesterday, Friday, Lauren brought home some cheese buns she experimented with at the bakery. Surprise really, as Friday is usually a busy prep day for the Saturday business.

She used white cheese, so you may not see it so well in the image of the inside, but there is lots of little cheese bits in there. I really hope they make this bun a regular item. Fresh, in my opinion you cannot taste the difference with a regular cheese bun. Soft and fluffy (my favorite word for good GF products), a nice flavor with the cheese, this could be a perfect sandwich bun.

They have a few packages in the freezer, but have not yet decided to add them to their regular items. Tell them! Tell GF Patisserie you want excellent cheese buns. That might help.


Anonymous said...

your post should be called free gluten free cheese buns!

H.Peter said...

Yes, living with the baker, certainly has it's perks.
You should see my breakfast.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Cheese buns ... nobody can resist those. One friend occasionally brings cheese biscuits from Whole Foods to our meetings. Well, you know ... we don't have a GF Patisserie. ;-)


H.Peter said...


I am about to write a post about a Colombian cheese bun that we had on Sunday. Pandebono?

They were the best I have tried.