Thursday, March 05, 2009


Quite a while ago now I ate my last bun from my favorite bakery in Calgary. Guenther's on 17th Avenue SE.
That bag was the last gluten stronghold in our freezer. My go to bag for a really good jam bun. If you are NOT a Celiac and read this blog, treat yourself to Guenther's baked goods. You won't regret it.

Anyway. I digress. Since Victoria experiments at home with new recipes, durability of products in a freezer and so on, we have turned over the freezer to our fellow gluten intolerant people in the house. Lucky for me, Lauren and Victoria turn out a great tasting variety of carbs, otherwise I think I would have to invest in my own freezer in the basement. Today while cooking, I wanted to make some garlic bread and had a peek in the freezer...ah now that's worth a post I thought.

The mess, the ingredients, the experiments, it's all there in plain view. Ground Poppy seeds from Austria, loads of Haagen Dazs in different flavors, a set of those bestselling Nanaimo bars (Thanks to Caitlin from, a couple of Pizza shells, some peas and corn, but mostly excellent carbs. All breads from GF Patisseriere. 100% gluten free. And proud of it. I am converted. Successfully.


Anonymous said...

That freezer looks like fun! I'm not a fan of Haagen Daz because it just tastes weird to me. I'm weird that way, just ask Nicole. I prefer cheap generic ice cream cause it tastes more normal to me.

H.Peter said...

HD has some marketing advantage over others that's for sure.
In terms of taste, generic ice cream tastes like Wonderbread compared to home baked bread....

Allison the Meep said...

That's what our freezer looks like! Well, yours has a better variety because you have an actual working bakery, and I have a dream one that is in the startup process.

Would you mind sharing what brand or supplier you get your brown rice flour from? Do you buy in bulk? If you don't want to share bakery secrets, I understand!

Lauren Jane Marie said...

no brown rice flour for us...haven't found one we like working with yet

GFE--gluten free easily said...

I love it! No bread in my freezer. I do have a half package of Van's frozen waffles in the small freezer above my refrigerator though (used for making crumbs). Otherwise, meat, seafood, veggies, a bag of ice (leftover from our party)--nothing too exciting. Just ingredients mostly. ;-)

Haagen Daz would never last in my house. No ice cream does. I know Haagen Daz flavors are GF except ones made with cookie bits and such, and although I don't think they taste weird, they do make me feel a bit funky (perhaps another intolerance/allergy of mine to be revealed at a later date).

Fun post and pics--thanks!

Anonymous said...

Haagen Daz ice cream is super sweet, but that may have just been the flavour that I bought. I'd have to try more, but my first attempt at it wasn't too good.

It's funny you mention Wonderbread, cause I had some yesterday, and after so long of making my own bread, I told Nicole that the bread tasted like chemicals. I say that about lots of food now!

Allison the Meep said...

What kinds of flour do you use in an all purpose flour mix?

I've heard that Authentic Foods makes the only super fine brown rice flour around, but it's over $12 for a 3 lb bag, which I find ridiculous.

Doria said...

Ce qui me fait craquer dans ton congélateur c'est cette superbe glace que je déguste à la petite cuillère jusqu'à la fin du pot.
Bonne soirée, Doria

Lauren Jane Marie said...

We use a blend of flours and starches, really its finding a blend you like. I cannot give away our proportions because we mix and sell it ourselves. That and because we are working on a turn-key business plan.

I have never heard of that company...but suppliers are different in Canada than in the states.

Sourcing some there shouldn't be a problem because there are many more companies from which to get product...a little research is all you need.